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Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds come from various different mines over the world. The origin of these gemstones has an impact on their prices. Burmese ruby and sapphire and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphires are considered one of the finest in the world and same could be said for Colombian emeralds.

While emerald, ruby and sapphires come from variety of different origins, we have listed below the main sources for each gemstone:

Blue Sapphire Origins
Kashmir This is considered the best mine for sapphires but all natural Kashmir sapphires mines have been exhausted and thus no new Kashmir sapphires are mined in nature.
Ceylon Ceylon is another name for Sri Lanka. Sapphires from this mine are extremely rare and are of very high quality. These rare stones generally have very good to excellent brilliance and a pleasant blue color.
Burmese Burmese sapphires are known to offer very nice royal blue color but generally will not offer excellent brilliance. Most stones have good to very good brilliance.
Madagascar These sapphires are very similar to Ceylon sapphires in terms of quality. They offer excellent brilliance and vivid blue color.
Kancha Kancha is short name for location called Kanchanaburi which is in Thailand. Sapphires from this mine are rare and generally have a pleasant navy blue or royal blue color.
Australian Australian sapphires are of generally commercial grade. Sapphires from this mine are used in significant amount of world's sapphire jewelry and are generally midnight blue in color and have fair to good brilliance.
Emerald Origins
Colombian These are considered the best quality emeralds. Such emeralds are known for having exceptional brilliance.
Zambian Such emeralds are rare and are known to have deep foresty green color.
Brazilian Brazilian emeralds offer a fine deep green color but at least in the lower end tend to be heavily included.
Ruby Origins
Burma These are considered the highest quality rubies as they offer a true red color in the higher end.
Madagascar These rubies tend to be orangish red but generally have excellent brilliance.
Thai These rubies generally have a heavy purplish undertone. GemsNY doesn't carry thai rubies.
Tanzania Such rubies tend to be a orangish and purplish red but generally have excellent brilliance.

Note on Origin Determination by Laboratories
Many of the laboratories will claim that they can precisely determine the origin of ruby, emeralds and sapphires but it is our repeated experience that different laboratories have given different origin of the same gemstone and both are very reputable laboratories! Who is right and who is wrong? Also, the most prestigious laboratory in the world, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) refuses to guarantee their origin findings. GIA states: “Any statement on geographic origin is an expert opinion based on a collection of observations and analytical data”. What we can conclude from this is that GIA doesn't want to provide authoritative statements on origin as they view origin findings as an ‘educated guess’ rather then confirmed findings. Furthermore, most of the other laboratories file a 'origin' disclaimer on the back of there reports, where they clearly state that they can't be held liable for errors in their decision.

GemsNY Recommendation
In conclusion, GemsNY strongly believes, due to all these ambiguities, to put little faith on the origin of the stone and pay closer attention to which gemstone is more visually appealing to you. Rubies which are certified Burmese are somehow worth a lot more than Madagascar stones and Sapphires which are certified Kashmir are somehow worth thousands more than a Sapphire of any other mine. The origin of our gemstones that we provide on our site is evaluated to the best of our ability by using our decades of experience along with intensive testing. Also, we use the location and the manufacturer who we purchase from as a strong factor in determining its origin. If a Sapphire is purchased in Sri Lanka and it looks like Ceylon and we thoroughly examined it and it indicates to be a Ceylon , than it got to be Ceylon origin.