• Sapphire Engagement Rings

    GemsNY carries sapphire engagement rings in all shapes and colors such as blue, yellow, pink, purple and orange. Choose one of the three options below to purchase your perfect ring.
    Sapphire Engagement Rings
  • Preset Sapphire Engagement Ring

    GemsNY hand picked combination of settings and sapphires.
    Preset Sapphire Engagement Ring
  • Make Your Own Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Select from our vast inventory of designer settings and beautiful sapphires to create your personalized engagement ring.
    Make Your Own Sapphire Engagement Ring
  • Custom Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Can't find the perfect ring or have a design in mind? Let GemsNY bring your imagination to reality.
    Custom Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires are ideal gemstones for an engagement ring, as they are durable, colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Sapphires are naturally mined in various colors including blue, pink, yellow, white and purple. They are also the second hardest gemstones and donít scratch easily.

GemsNY has the largest collection of heated and untreated sapphires. Each of our gemstones are from premium mines, including Ceylon, Madagascar and Burma. Each of our sapphires can be set in various ring settings including solitaire, three stone, halo and many more. Utilize our preset, make your own or custom sapphire engagement ring tools to find the perfect ring for your soon to be wife.

Each of our settings are made in our offices located in New York City by one of our experts. Propose with confidence knowing that your sapphire engagement ring will receive that special care necessary to last a lifetime.