• Loose Sapphires

    Come see the largest collection of natural heated and unheated Sapphires online. Sapphires are available in various colors including blue, pink, yellow, white and purple. Most gemstones come with an independent lab certification and appraisal. View
    Loose Sapphire

GemsNY, based in New York City, is a leading wholesaler of loose sapphires and has the largest collection of untreated and heated sapphires. We carry sapphires of all color, including blue, white, pink, padparadscha, yellow, green and fancy color. Our sapphires are mined from various locations including Ceylon, Madagascar, Burma, Kashmir and Kancha. We also have independent gemological certificates for almost all of our sapphires from prestigious laboratories such as GIA, AGL and UGL.

We also offer various jewelry settings for each of our single and match pair of sapphires. From exquisite designer sapphire engagement rings to elegant solitaire pendants and earrings, we have it all. Start by selecting the loose sapphire perfect for you!