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Loose Natural Alexandrite Gemstones

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    About Alexandrite

    About Alexandrite

    Alexandrite is called the chameleon of all gemstones due to its extraordinary ability to exhibit different colors depending on lighting conditions. The colors switch between shades of red and green. The purer the color, the higher the value of alexandrite gemstone.

    Discovery of Origin of Alexandrite

    In the famed emerald mines of the Russian Ural Mountains, Alexandrite was discovered alongside beryls in the 1830s. Alexandrites belong to the chrysoberyl family, which is distinct from the mineral beryl because it is a beryllium aluminum oxide rather than a silicate. Chrysoberyls or alexandrites are extremely durable and have a Mohs hardness of 8.5, making these stones ideal for use in jewelry. This, of course, is contingent on your ability to locate an alexandrite in the first place!

    Rarity and Size of Alexandrite Gemstones

    Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone and it’s extremely difficult to find alexandrite over five carats. Alexandrite is so rare that a fine gem quality alexandrite of over a carat generally commands more price than a ruby emerald or even diamond of same size. This rarity coupled with the extraordinary optical qualities make alexandrite one of the most sought after gemstones in the world.

    Alexandrite in Jewelry

    Alexandrite is usually worn in rings. Off late alexandrite engagement rings have gained quite a lot of prominence. However you can also create your own alexandrite pendant or alexandrite earrings. According to some belief alexandrite is a protector stone and it is said that an alexandrite changes its color when its wearer is approached by some danger. In that situation the stone changes its color from green to red irrespective of the lighting condition. Generally a good quality alexandrite appears red during the day time and green during the night.

    Quality & Price of Alexandrite

    The most important factor that drives the quality and price of an alexandrite is its ability to change color. This attribute is due to the presence of chromium in the mineral chrysoberyl. Chromium is also responsible for the red color of rubies and green of emeralds. When buying an alexandrite pay attention to the crispness of color change.

    Birthstone & Anniversary Stone

    Alexandrite is the June birthstone and fifty-fifth wedding anniversary stone.

    FAQ - Alexandrite
    Since the Russian mines of the Ural Mountains stand almost exhausted with only sporadic finds, alexandrites are sourced from other countries like Sri Lanka, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Myanmar.
    Alexandrite is said to bring luck, prosperity and intellect. It was also believed to protect one from enemies along with bringing a balance between material and physical well-being.
    Alexandrite remains captivating irrespective of the metal it is paired with. So you can choose anything from yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.
    The most famous alexandrite is not part of any jewelry but a display item at the Smithsonian's Museum. The 66 carat alexandrite is the largest faceted alexandrite.
    Yes, definitely you can opt for an alexandrite engagement ring. Since an alexandrite is a stone for protection, it makes for the perfect choice for your engagement ring.
    It is extremely difficult for an ordinary person to identify whether an alexandrite is genuine or not. Therefore, we recommend that you should purchase your alexandrite from a trustworthy source where you can get the certificate of authenticity from reputable bodies like GIA, AGL etc. At GemsNY, you can view all such certificates right on our website.
    Only a skilled specialist, such as a gemologist, or gem certifying authorities, such as GIA or AGL, can determine the true value of an alexandrite. Nonetheless, the four Cs — color-change, clarity, cut, and carat weight – should be used to evaluate an emerald.