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Choose A Beautiful Colored Gemstone For Your Diamond Pendant

Diamonds do not need any accessorizing stone for any kind of jewelry. These valuable white stones possess inherent royal charm that rise above any other precious stone. But for diamond pendants if a small-sized ruby, sapphire or an emerald is selected as the centre stone and tiny dazzling diamonds surround it, the pendent is simply stunning. The beautiful blend of colored gemstones and sparkling white diamonds set in white gold or platinum or yellow gold in an elegant pendant design is a jewel which would greatly accentuate even a simple dress. Therefore, if your collection of jewels does not include a diamond pendant engraved with other precious stones, perhaps, you should consider buying one or getting it custom-made. Few gorgeous designs for such pendants are: oval cut blue sapphire and round diamond, emerald cut pink sapphire surrounded by tiny round diamonds, pear shaped yellow sapphire surrounded by round diamonds, untreated star sapphire with prong set round diamonds, square cut ruby surrounded by very small square cut diamonds, trillion shaped ruby with a round diamond, oval cut emerald surrounded by two spaced layers of tiny round diamonds, small pear shaped blue sapphire with larger size diamonds around it, round ruby set at the centre of a cluster of diamonds which are set as star shape, and marquise cut ruby thinly lined by tiny round diamonds. For some special celebrations in your life choose a diamond pendant with a ruby, emerald or sapphire. Also, you may consider gifting them for birthdays and anniversaries.

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