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Choose Best Of The Beautiful Shades of Rubies

RubiesThese intense red precious gems posses an inherent dazzle which reflect love and commitment, and therefore are beautifully used in a range of jewelry for memorable occasions. Be it an engagement, anniversary or a wedding, rubies are the most preferred stones for these cherished moments. Popularly it may be believed that rubies are red in color, but these are available in various shades and hues of red which when set along with diamonds or more rubies are truly spectacular.

The color of a ruby varies depending upon its origin, treatment and enhancement. One must select these red stones carefully according to the design and setting of the jewel. Also, the other complementing precious stones and the color of the metal influence the appearance. Therefore, when choosing the shade of the loose rubies, it must be ensured that all the aspects of the jewel must be seen together before deciding on the color. Some beautiful shades of rubies are; pinkish red, deep red, pigeon blood red, purplish red, vivid red, intense red, medium red, ruby with orange tone, ruby with yellow tone, medium red, ruby with hints of brown and ruby with hints of grey. Keeping in view the various color choices available for the red rubies one may choose the desired one and set into a sparkling pair of studs, ring, pendant, bracelet or necklace. And, if setting along with diamonds, special care must be taken to ensure the ruby shade accentuates the jewel.


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