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Design Your Own Unique Engagement Ring

There is no dearth of beautiful engagement rings. Whatever may be your choice; be it a particular color of gem or a specific shape and cut, or your liking for an intricate design or a non-fussy ring setting, or your planned expense for the ring, many variations are available in the leading jewelry boutiques or on the internet.

But, for these special feelings if you desire to wear or gift something very precious and unique then it is suggested that you design your own engagement ring. At first thought one may be uncertain of how to start the process. Surprisingly, it is easier than what is usually believed. The first step requires you to creatively sketch the design of the ring keeping in view your likes and dislikes with respect to the size of the ring and the extent of intricacies in the design. Once these two major factors are decided, there is a need to carefully choose and select each individual ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond that would be required for the ring. Specifically its size, shape and cut, carat value and clarity are some of the aspects that need to be looked at. Here, you may also consider choosing the color of the gemstones that will perfectly accessorize or complement your beautiful dress for the engagement day. Also, the comfort level of the ring on the finger must be assessed before giving the ring design to the jeweler to make. Usually, the jeweler will make a wax model of the same and give you for trial-fitting which you need to approve. Once the ring design, selection of ruby or sapphire or emerald or diamond, and the fit are finalized your unique ring would be ready in a couple of weeks. Make some time and put in little efforts to creatively design your beautiful engagement ring.

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