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Add The Sparkle Of Diamonds To Your Engagement

The colorless pure dazzle reflected by precious diamonds is unmatched. Irrespective of its size, shape or clarity diamonds possess inherent valuable charm which when set on any form of jewelry beautifully accentuates its appearance. Therefore, if you are planning to choose one of the engagement rings for the special day in your life, you must consider including diamonds to your ring design. Even if your choice of gemstone is a sapphire, ruby or an emerald, few dazzling diamonds set alongside these precious stones would give a royal sparkle to the ring.

Celebrate Your Moments Of Love With A Pink Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring

Sapphire Engagement RingsThe soft color of pink has always fascinated women world over and holds a gentle charm for them. For a beautiful occasion as an engagement we suggest a sparkling pink sapphire diamond engagement ring. A pink sapphire reflects subtle vibrancy and combining it with a few dazzling diamonds makes the engagement ring exquisitely special.

Surprise Her With A Sparkling Blue Sapphire Pendant

Sapphire PendantsOne need not wait for her birthday or a special occasion to gift her something beautiful. Surprise her on a regular day with a sparkling blue sapphire pendant. Though a small piece of jewel, pendant attracts immediate attention. Therefore, a pendant needs to be chosen carefully keeping in view the size and shape of the gemstone, and the design. A balanced look of elegance and splendor makes jewelry impressive.

Choosing The Right Emerald Rings

Emerald rings are not very difficult to choose. Here is a look at some tips to help you choose the right emerald rings. You should choose only those emerald rings that are good enough to add to your overall appearance, instead of taking anything away from it. You should see to it that the type of emerald used in the rings as well as the metal setting should grab the attention of the onlookers in a single instance.

GemsNY - The Place For Your Christmas Jewelry Shopping

Christmas is finally here and so is the season of shopping to your heart's content. The entire shopping trend will obviously involve buying a lot of jewelry. Now, you must be looking for a place to do your shopping comfortably and without any issues. Well, one place which I can suggest is GemsNY. The company has an official website that has a range of options in various categories.

Create A Complete Accessorizing Jewelry Set With Loose Gemstones

It is a joy for every lady to own perfectly accessorizing jewels for most of her favorite dresses. A pair of sparkling studs, a classic pendant and an elegant ring to go with the attire truly accentuates her appearance. Besides making her look beautiful, the complementing set of ornaments make a personal style statement. Choosing such precious gems' jewelry pieces may not be easier even with a great number of wonderful designs available at leading stores. Perhaps a pair of studs may have caught your attention, but, its matching pendant may not be very appealing. Or, one may have liked the designs and the color stones, but would have wished to have little smaller gems for those designs. A creative as well as satisfying way of choosing perfectly accessorizing gemstone jewelry for those special dresses is to choose individual loose sapphires or loose rubies or loose emeralds and set them into studs, pendants, rings, bracelets or necklaces. Few simple steps are involved in helping one to add wonderful jewels to the jewelry box. One may either first choose the design for the studs, pendant and ring or choose the favorite gemstones. If the design is first chosen then it must be ensured that it goes beautifully well with the dress for which these jewels are being made.

The Best Cuts And Shapes For Loose Rubies

Rubies are those precious stones which do not loose their vibrant red rich sparkle in whichever shape and cut these are crafted. Therefore loose rubies are very popular choices for rings, studs and pendants. Round and oval rubies are most commonly preferred as these shapes easily fit into any kind of jewel setting. Pear is another shape which makes a simple pendant stunning, whereas, heart-shaped rubies accentuate the studs as well as pendants.

Make Your Engagement Ring Special By Choosing A Colorful Sapphire

Nature has blessed sapphires with a wide range of beautiful colors, thus making it one of the finest choices for a special occasion as engagement. Rubies and diamonds have always been the traditional choice for engagements and weddings, and, therefore, a colored sapphire stone will make your engagement ring unique and truly special. From the popular blue to the unusual yellow, there are many colors to choose from. Be it the regular round or oval shape or the nicely-cut emerald and cushion-cut, each of the colored sapphires reflect radiance and are a contemporary gemstone choice for engagements.

Surprise Her With A Beautiful Ruby Ring

Ruby RingsIt may not be your anniversary or her birthday or any special occasion, but perhaps there is no reason to look for a reason to gift someone very special anything. But, a jewelry gift is sure to bring a smile on her face. This month surprise her with a sparkling solitaire ruby ring. Rubies have an inherent quality to greatly accentuate even a simple solitaire ring setting. The size, shape and carat though play a crucial role in its appearance; a ruby ring is simply beautiful even in its most regular shape or small size. Therefore, there are many affordable choices to select from.

Create A Sparkling Pair Of Ruby Studs For Your Birthday

Gemstone Studs For this birthday, we suggest you plan ahead and design a pair of beautiful ruby studs or perhaps sapphire studs if the colorful gems appeal you more. Besides the option of choosing studs from an array of pre-set studs, the creative way of designing and getting the studs made through a jeweler is satisfying and also you own one-of-a-kind ruby studs. The process is simple and need not require in-depth expertise in jewelry designing. The information provided by the jeweler is enough to initiate building your own studs. The first step involves identifying a reputed jeweler who would help you to make the studs of the desired size, shape, setting and carat.

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