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Natural Tanzanite Bracelets

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Tanzanite Bracelets

Natural Tanzanite Bracelets For Women & Men

We offer a fine collection of natural tanzanite bracelets in various metals & gemstone shapes. A bracelet fashioned with tanzanite serves as an alluring adornment and a thoughtful anniversary gift. Choose a bracelet to accentuate your style or as a present for a special someone. Handcrafted by our expert artisans, these tanzanite bracelets also make great astrological jewelry items that can turn dreams into reality. Bring out your style with the rarity of this December birthstone which is not only rare but also quite affordable.Select a magnificent tanzanite bracelet in a metal that suits your skin tone.

Tanzanite Tennis Bracelets In Various Metals

Our exclusive range of bracelets comprises 14k/18k white & yellow gold and platinum pieces with irresistible aesthetic appeal in various shapes, such as round, pear and oval, to name a few. Get a meaningful tanzanite bracelet for yourself by modifying the various parameters based on your preference and liking. Select a bracelet decorated with the combination of tanzanite and diamond to buy a scintillating zodiac jewelry piece. If you’re looking for a jewel to pair with your engagement ring or wedding ring, pick a white gold tanzanite bracelet in the similar shape as your ring’s centerstone.

Dazzling Tanzanite Bracelets

Along with trendy designs and timeless jewelry pieces, you can also find scintillating articles embellished with a halo of diamonds in our collection. Choose these bracelets in yellow gold if you are fascinated by the classic appeal of the traditional gold. Wear it on special celebrations or make it a part of your self expression, these elaborate pieces will rise to any occasion. Wrap your wrist in glory with a natural tanzanite bracelet from GemsNY.


Our bracelets are designed in the prong setting. This type of setting secures the gemstone while highlighting its beauty.
Yes, tanzanite is durable enough for high contact jewelry pieces. The gemstone scores 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness that makes it suitable for high contact jewelry such as bracelets and engagement & wedding rings.
Yes, it’s one of the rarest gemstones that’s found only in once place in the world: Tanzania. Tanzanite is also considered to be over a thousand times rarer than diamond.
Yes, you can find rose gold oval-shaped tanzanite bracelets in our collection. You can explore them by setting the shape and metal parameters to oval and rose gold.