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About Emerald Rings

About Emerald Rings

Emerald rings always capture attention no matter on which occasion you are wearing one. The May birthstone emerald is said to be an embodiment of positive energies related to rejuvenation, rebirth and continuity. A person who wears emerald is said to enjoy health and good fortune as well as develop foresight. The origin of the word emerald can be traced to the ancient Greek word ‘smaragdus’ which means green. There are three color gemstones recognized as the ‘big three’ and one of them is emerald.

Mineral Composition

All gemstones are made from certain minerals and emerald is no exception. Its prime mineral is beryl and when beryl gets laced with traces of chromium or vanadium, the stone receives its magnificent green color which it is known for. Since ancient times thousands of people have been drawn towards the scintillating beauty of emerald which is why we see these green beauties in all kinds of jewelry, such as emerald rings, emerald pendants, emerald necklaces, emerald bands etc.

Famed Personalities

There have been many famous personalities both in the history of mankind and in more modern times who are known for their love towards emeralds and emerald jewelry. The Queen of ancient Egypt Cleopatra was known not only in her time but also today for her affection towards emeralds. As per some records Cleopatra owned emerald mines then. One of the most famous engagement rings of the modern times is the two stone ring featuring an emerald and a diamond given by John F Kennedy to Jacqueline Kennedy.

Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood celebrities have become huge fans of emerald rings. To name a few, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts top the list. If you also can’t resist the charm of natural green beauty of emeralds, then GemsNY is the perfect destination for you. Here you can find not only a huge inventory of fifty thousand color gemstones but also a virtually unlimited range of ring designs and ring styles. If you are looking for something rather unique for your ring, then you can reach out to us and we’ll gladly show you some of the extremely exquisite emeralds and other gemstones for the ring you desire.

Natural Emerald Rings

The emeralds on our website are all natural and certified from reputed gem testing labs such as GIA, IGI etc. There are countless designs and a variety of Emerald rings styles. Our ‘make your own’ section is quite user-friendly and it easily lets you design your ring by selecting the gemstone of your choice, metal of your preference and the setting to put it all together.

Make Your Own Emerald Ring

Your emerald ring will be as unique as yourself. Make your own emerald ring according to your budget and taste. Choose from among solitaire emerald rings, two-stone emerald rings, three-stone emerald rings, halo emerald rings, side stone emerald rings and many more. Plan ahead and consider buying emerald wedding sets.

FAQ - Emerald Rings
A ring is made of two parts – a metal band and the head or gallery to hold the stone. These two parts can be fashioned in many ways to create different styles of rings. At our make your own section you can choose each element of your ring.
Many customers come up with their own designs which they share with us. Then our design team works on the sketch provided to get the CAD design. The CAD design is realistic to a great extent giving you a fair idea of how your custom emerald ring will look like.
Yes. Our emerald rings come with a 30 days no-questions-asked guarantee. Please read our terms here.
GemsNY is proud to say that not just emeralds but diamonds and other gemstones are sourced in the most ethical manner though the idea of conflict-free is generally applicable to diamonds.
Just like any other color gemstones, emeralds are graded according to the four Cs – color, clarity, cut and carat weight. GemsNY has its own system of grading emerald which ranges between AAAAA and A where the former is the highest grading.
There is a wide variety of emerald rings available at GemsNY such as solitaire rings, two-stone rings, three stone rings, side stone rings, halo rings, celtic rings, vintage style rings, designer rings and of course custom rings. These are all available in white gold, yellow gold (18k & 14k), rose gold and platinum.