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Loose Natural Hessonite Garnet Gemstones

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    About Hessonite Garnet

    About Hessonite Garnet

    An alluring stunner in all its glory, the hessonite garnet stone is one of the most popular color varieties of the grossular garnet species. This gemstone is also known as the ‘cinnamon stone’ because of its honey yellow to reddish brown orange color. Hessonite garnet occurs in orange, yellow-orange to reddish orange and sometimes a pinkish color. This yellow-orange to reddish orange variety of grossular garnet makes a fascinating jewelry stone because of its earthy tones.

    Where Does The Hessonite Garnet Stone Get Its Name From?

    Hessonite garnet derives its name from the word ‘hesson’. The meaning of this word in Ancient Greek is inferior. The meaning of the hessonite garnet stone’s name once reflected its lesser-known status in the jewelry world. However, the popularity of earth-tone jewelry worked wonders for the demand for this gemstone. Today, hessonite garnet earrings and other jewelry are a must-have for everyone with a bold taste in jewelry.

    Is Hessonite Garnet A Durable Gemstone?

    Scoring 6.5 on the 10-point Mohs scale of hardness, this natural garnet stone is a decent pick for your jewelry piece. The gemstone is certainly not as hard and durable as other precious gems but with a little bit of timely care and cleaning, you can wear it in any jewelry of your choice. No doubt hessonite garnet engagement rings are a popular choice among couples. We recommend you choose a relatively protective setting for your hessonite garnet jewelry item, such as the bezel setting.

    Hessonite Garnet: The January Birthstone

    Hessonite garnet is the birthstone for January. Those born in this month are very kind and they have a generous heart. January-borns are also very confident and loyal. The January birthstone is known to harness and refine these qualities of January-borns. Get yourself a hessonite garnet necklace to wear the January birthstone close to your heart. Signifying trust and friendship, garnet gems also make great gifts.

    What Is The Price Of Hessonite Garnet?

    Despite being a fascinating gemstone with warm hues, hessonite garnets stand as inexpensive gemstones. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful and rare gemstone that doesn’t break the bank, the hessonite garnet stone is your best option.

    How To Clean Hessonite Garnet Jewelry

    Hessonite garnet rings and other jewelry should be cleaned with a soft brush, mild detergent and warm water. Submerge your hessonite garnet jewelry item in a solution of mild detergent and lukewarm water for a few minutes. After that, use a soft toothbrush to clean the hessonite garnet gemstone. Once you’re done cleaning the jewelry piece, rinse and dry it with a soft cloth.