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Loose Natural Morganite Gemstones

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    About Morganite

    About Morganite

    A member of the beryl group of gemstones, the morganite stone is a peachy pink charmer. This gemstone was first discovered in 1910 in Madagascar and is named after J.P. Morgan, an American financier. Morganite occurs in pink or salmon/peachy pink colors and can have yellowish, orangey, reddish, purplish, or violet hues. The morganite gemstone is best known for its bright pink and peach color that’s getting a lot of attention lately. Morganite gets its color from the element manganese in trace proportions in the mineral beryl.

    The Lure Of Pink Morganites

    Pink morganites have been gaining ground in recent years because of their delicate aura and rarity. Only less than 1% of morganites occur in the soft baby pink color. These rare gemstones command the highest prices of all morganites. The beautiful pink color of these gemstones is the reason why they are the first choice for morganite engagement rings in the present times. Moreover, people who can’t afford pink diamonds for their jewelry find pink morganites the perfect alternatives.

    Is Morganite Suitable For Everyday Wear Jewelry?

    The hardness and durability of the morganite gemstone make it a suitable choice for everyday wear jewelry. Morganite scores 8 on the 10-point Mohs scale of hardness, meaning you can wear this gemstone in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings meant for daily wear. Morganite rings are greatly popular among working women who want to accessorize their look with subtle jewelry pieces that seize the attention just right. Morganite earrings are also a great option if you’re looking for minimalist yet fashionable jewelry.

    What Is The Price Of Morganite?

    Morganite is a rare gemstone; in fact, geologically, it’s rarer than diamond. The morganite gemstone is also rarer than emerald and aquamarine, two other gems that belong to the beryl mineral family. Despite being a rare bird that occurs in restful hues, morganite is a relatively budget gemstone. So, get yourself a morganite necklace to adorn your neck with a stunner. Explore our collection of loose morganite stones for sale here and choose the one that goes with your style.