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Loose Natural Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstones

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    About Paraiba Tourmaline

    About Paraiba Tourmaline

    Paraiba tourmaline is a gemstone renowned for its striking and vibrant blue-green color. It belongs to the tourmaline gemstone family, which is known for its wide range of colors. However, what sets paraiba tourmaline apart is its exceptional intensity and brilliance. The discovery of paraiba tourmaline is relatively recent, as it was found in the late 1980s.

    Origins of Paraiba Tourmaline

    Paraiba tourmaline was first discovered in the state of Paraiba, Brazil, specifically in the region of the São José da Batalha mine. This mine, along with other nearby deposits, yielded some of the most beautiful and valuable Brazilian paraiba tourmalines. However, additional deposits have been found in other countries, such as Mozambique and Nigeria, which has expanded the availability of these gemstones. The scarcity of these gemstones, coupled with their extraordinary color, makes them highly prized by collectors and gem enthusiasts worldwide.

    Chemical composition

    Paraiba tourmaline is an elbaite mineral and gemstone variety within the tourmaline group, its unique color is due to the presence of copper and manganese within its crystal structure. The copper ions are responsible for the blue and green colors, while manganese can influence the shade and intensity of the color. The combination of these elements results in a captivating neon-like blue or green hue that is unparalleled in the gemstone world.

    Color of Paraiba Tourmaline

    Natural paraiba tourmalines can vary in color from turquoise to vivid green, with some stones exhibiting a blue reminiscent of a tropical ocean. The intensity of the color is further enhanced by the gemstone's high transparency and exceptional clarity. Some Brazilian paraiba tourmalines are even described as having a "neon glow" due to their vibrant hue.

    Rarity & Value of Paraiba Tourmaline

    Paraiba tourmaline is considered one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world. There are only a few places where you can find natural paraiba tourmaline for sale. Its scarcity, coupled with its exceptional color, contributes to its high price per carat. Fine quality paraiba tourmalines with intense and vivid colors command higher prices in the market.

    Paraiba Tourmalines in Jewelry and Fashion

    Paraiba tourmaline has made a significant impact in the world of high-end jewelry design. It is often used as the centerpiece in exclusive and luxurious pieces, such as paraiba tourmaline rings, paraiba tourmaline earrings and paraiba tourmaline necklaces. The vibrant color of paraiba tourmaline adds a modern and eye-catching element to jewelry, making paraiba tourmaline engagement rings an ever-cherished jewel. The gemstone is favored among jewelry designers and collectors who appreciate its unique beauty.