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Loose Natural Peridot Gemstones

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    About Peridot

    About Peridot

    Peridot, also known as chrysolite, is a special gem that displays a lovely yellowish-green color. What makes it stand out is that it exclusively comes in this one cool shade. This gem is found in rocks oflava and peridotite xenoliths, which are like chunks of Earth's mantle. The intensity and tint of the green, however, depend on the percentage of iron in the crystal structure, resulting in individual peridot gems varying from olive to brownish-green. Also, unlike most gems that form in the Earth's crust, peridot is created in the hot, melted rock of the upper mantle.

    Hardness and Durability

    Crafted by the forces of time and geology, the peridot stone emerges with a remarkable resilience. Boasting a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, it stands as a testament to durability, ensuring your jewelry remains a timeless expression of elegance. Whether adorning yourself with a peridot ring, engagement ring, earrings, or necklace, each piece is a testament to the enduring beauty of this captivating gem.

    History of Peridot

    People have cherished peridot jewelry since the time of the pharaohs, around 2000 BC. The ancient Egyptians were all about it, calling it the 'gem of the sun' because they believed it kept away the nighttime fears. Interestingly, some experts think that what we once assumed were Cleopatra's emeralds might actually have been peridots. Fast forward to medieval times, and folks got confused between peridot and emerald. For example, take Germany's Cologne Cathedral, where 200-carat gemstones were thought to be emeralds but turned out to be peridots.

    Peridot Jewelry

    Step into a world of peridot magic at GemsNY! Our collection is an enchanting tale of elegance and flair. Wrap your fingers in timeless charm with our peridot rings or say "I do" with symbolic grace in a peridot engagement ring. Let your ears steal the show with the rhythmic sway of peridot earrings. And for a neck that demands attention, our peridot necklaces are the answer. Elevate your style, stand out in vibrant greens—because with peridot, you're not just wearing jewelry; you're owning a symphony of elegance!

    Peridot Benefits

    Peridot is believed to bring harmony and healing. This vibrant gemstone is your stress-busting, well-being-promoting ally. Each handpicked peridot in our collection is a radiant burst of positive energy. But that's not all, according to ancient astrological beliefs, peridot stone is also said to enhance prosperity and bring good fortune to those who wear it.

    Birthstone and Anniversary Stone

    Celebrate life's milestones with the perfect gift. As the birthstone for August, peridot is a unique and thoughtful present for those born in this vibrant month. Additionally, its association with the 16th wedding anniversary makes it an ideal choice for commemorating years of love and commitment.

    At GemsNY, discover the magic of August birthstone—a gemstone that transcends time, style, and occasion.


    Peridot's unique hue is attributed to the presence of iron that interacts with the base mineral olivine. Ranging from olive to brownish-green, this distinct color spectrum sets it apart from other gems.
    Unlike most gems, peridot forms in the upper mantle's hot, melted rock, giving it a distinctive origin and character. It is brought close to the surface by volcanic eruptions where from it’s extracted by way of mining.
    Peridot rings offer vibrant green hues symbolizing growth and prosperity, making them perfect for commemorating special occasions with timeless elegance.
    Peridot earrings and necklaces infuse your style with the vibrancy of summer, adding a touch of elegance and charm to every ensemble. Let them be your daily reminder of nature's beauty and your charisma.
    Ancient Egyptians revered peridot, believing it dispelled nighttime fears. This association with the sun's power adds a layer of mystique to its history.