Pink Tourmaline Rings Pink Tourmaline Rings

Pink Tourmaline Rings

Experience unconditional love and companionship by wearing the ‘Healing Stone’ featured in our collection of natural pink tourmaline rings for women.

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The shape of the pink tourmaline you're looking for is right here in our selection. Each cut in every shape brings out the beauty of pink tourmaline in a unique way. To shop, select the shape that fascinates you.

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See the most favored real pink tourmaline rings for sale and be inspired to have one for yourself or your loved one

Traditional Solitaire


Traditional Solitaire

Princess Diana Replica


Princess Diana Replica

Classic Three Stone


Classic Three Stone




lassic Pave


Classic Pave

Split Shank


Split Shank







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More About Our Pink Tourmaline Rings

Pink tourmaline is an amazing gemstone which represents empathy and love for humanity. Tourmaline is its own mineral and is found in a variety of colors out of which pink is the most sought after especially by women. Pink is the naturally favorite color for a majority of women and that is why pink tourmaline rings have gained immense popularity in recent years. Affordability is also one of the factors behind the rise in popularity of this incredible gemstone.

GemsNY unveils beautiful choices for pink tourmaline gemstone rings. You can buy pink morganite rings from our exceptional collection of pink tourmaline rings set in various styles. We invite you to create your own pink tourmaline ring for engagement or any other special celebration. Pink tourmaline rings are becoming a new choice among the new-age couples who are looking for something unique but affordable as opposed to expensive color diamond rings.

GemsNY helps you to make your own pink tourmaline ring in three easy steps. First, select from our large inventory of pink tourmaline gemstones of various shapes ranging from oval, round and pear to special cuts such as heart, princess, emerald, marquise and cushion. Once a pink tourmaline gem is selected, it can be set into one of the ring settings that we offer, such as solitaire, side-stones, three-stones, halo etc. Choose a setting and your pink tourmaline ring is ready to grace your finger.

You can also select any metal for your pink tourmaline ring because this gemstone beautifully blends with any kind of metal whether platinum, white gold or yellow gold. With these choices you may preview the GemsNY pink tourmaline ring and select the one best suitable for you.

For the next memorable moments in your life, we suggest that you wear a sparkling pink tourmaline ring to make the day more special. All our gemstones are real and natural. So buy pink tourmaline rings with confidence.

FAQs About Pink Tourmaline Rings

We have answered here the most common questions related to Pink Tourmaline Rings

  • What is Pink Tourmaline? What does a Pink Tourmaline ring symbolize? Whose birthstone is Pink Tourmaline?

    Tourmaline is its own mineral, and the presence of the trace element manganese gives it the pink color. It is generally associated with unconditional love and friendship. It is also supposed to provide emotional healing to its wearer. Pink Tourmaline is a birthstone for those born in October.

  • Where do Pink Tourmalines come from?

    Pink Tourmaline is known to come from the United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and Namibia. Each origin has produced some very fine quality Pink Tourmaline.

  • How much does a Pink Tourmaline cost?

    The price of a Pink Tourmaline generally ranges anywhere between $100 and $1,000 per carat, though it can go beyond this range.

  • Is it durable for daily wear? How hard is it?

    Yes, you can wear a Pink Tourmaline on an everyday basis. It's strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily use as it's a very hard gemstone. It scores 7.5/10 on the Mohs Scale of hardness.

  • How do I know whether the Pink Tourmaline in my ring is real?

    We recommend buying a Pink Tourmaline from a trusted source where you get a certificate of authenticity along with your stone. All of our gemstones invariably carry our own certificate of authenticity and most are certified by reputed bodies such as GIA, AGL, etc.

  • How can I keep my Pink Tourmaline clean and shiny?

    Do not clean your Pink Tourmaline with any harsh chemical or petroleum distillate. Use a simple solution of water and gentle soap to clean and then wipe.

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