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Ruby Pendants

Experience the hypnotic red of our natural ruby pendants and adorn your neckline. The vivid red of ruby pendant necklaces is the emblem of luxury, nobility and deep love.

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Two Easy Ways to Shop a Pendant/Necklace

We have made shopping ruby pendants super easy for you. Choose any one of the two options below.

Make Your Own Ruby Pendant

Choose your ruby, its color & size. Pair it with your preferred metal & design setting.

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Preset Ruby Pendants Collection

Buy a ruby pendant and necklace from a number of combinations of ruby and settings.

Buy Direct. No Middleman. Mines to Your Doorstep.

We are a Direct-to-Customer company & we offer gemstones at a price hard to match. Luxury & Quality need not cost additionally. These are standard at GemsNY!

Shop Ruby Necklaces/Pendants By Shape

The ruby you want for your sparkling pendant necklace is right here in our collection. Every cut and form brings out the distinctive brilliance of ruby in a unique way. To begin shopping, choose a shape that fascinates you.

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Shop By Metal

Our metals are the perfect blend of strength and allure.
Choose a guardian metal you want for the protection of your gemstone.

Shop Ready to Ship Ruby Jewelry

A fine collection of stylish jewelry items waiting to be picked instantly

More About Our Ruby Pendants

GemsNY offers genuine ruby pendant necklaces in many different styles, with designer settings that accentuate the beauty of each natural ruby. So whether you're searching for a classic ruby heart necklace or something a bit more unusual, GemsNY has a ruby pendant to suit your style and budget.

We carry an incredible selection of preset ruby pendant. You can refine your search according to several criteria, including the style of the pendant, the shape of the ruby, and the type of metal. Although these are preset ruby pendants, the sheer number of ruby necklaces we have available means that you have almost endless choices.

Ruby necklaces are one of the most sought after jewelry pieces. In our collection you will find fine Burmese ruby pendants and African ruby pendants among pendant necklaces featuring stones from various origins.

You can also use our "Make Your Own Ruby Pendant" tool to match the exact gemstone you want with one of our many designer settings to create the ideal ruby necklace. And if you have an original design in mind, you can use our Custom Jewelry Design service to bring your ideas to life.

All of our rubies are authentic and certified, and our jewelry is made to order in the Diamond District of New York City. Shop GemsNY to find the most beautiful genuine ruby pendants at discounted prices!

If you are unsure of a design for a pendant as of now, then you can also consider buying only the gemstone which can later be set in the design of your liking. Since we directly source natural rubies we offer the same price to our individual customers that we offer to our jeweler clients. To buy loose ruby or other gemstones click here.

FAQs About Ruby Pendants Necklaces

We have answered here the most common questions related to Ruby Pendants Necklaces

  • What does a ruby necklace symbolize?

    A ruby necklace symbolizes love and commitment and is also said to protect against misfortune and illness.

  • What are the different styles of ruby necklaces available?

    Ruby pendants and necklaces are available in various styles such as solitaire, halo, designer, astrological and so on. All these options are available in a variety of metals.

  • Can I find ruby necklaces in pendant style?

    Yes, you can find ruby necklaces in pendant style. You can pick a ruby pendant of your liking with the size of stone you desire and set it in a metal chain of your preference.

  • What are the benefits of wearing a ruby necklace?

    Ruby necklaces are said to alleviate negative thoughts and bring positivity and commitment to your endeavors. It is also said that a ruby pendant can endow protection against certain ailments such as bleeding and inflammation.

  • How do I choose the right size and shape for a ruby pendant necklace?

    You can find ruby necklaces with metal chains varying in length. First of all decide the length of your chain whether you want it close to your neck or longer. Then select the size of your pendant to pair with that chain. Visualize yourself wearing different styles of ruby pendants and based on how bold a statement you want to make, pick one for yourself.

  • Can I customize or personalize a ruby necklace or pendant?

    Yes, you can customize your ruby pendant necklaces right from the color and size of the gemstone to the settings and metal. You can change the parameters on our easy interface anytime you want. You can also get your pendant engraved to make it more personalized.

  • Are ruby necklaces and pendants suitable for everyday wear?

    Yes, ruby necklaces and pendants are quite suitable for everyday wear since ruby is a pretty hard gemstone with a hardness score of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Moreover, pendants are low contact jewelry, your ruby pendant necklace will survive a lifetime and beyond.

  • Can I find matching ruby jewelry sets with necklaces or pendants?

    Yes, you can find matching jewelry sets to complement your ruby necklace. From rings and earrings to bracelets and wedding sets, you can find them all on our website.

  • How do I ensure the quality and authenticity of a ruby necklace or pendant?

    GemsNY deals in only natural ruby gemstones and so all ruby pendants feature only authentic gemstones. We provide a certificate of authenticity for your purchase and there is also our lifetime trade up option that speaks volumes about the authenticity of our ruby pendants.

  • What are the advantages of choosing a natural ruby necklace or pendant?

    Natural ruby gemstones form over millions of years inside the earth and so each gemstone is unique. Choosing a natural ruby necklace or pendant is a good investment and it can be a family heirloom.

  • Can I request a gemstone certification for my ruby necklace or pendant?

    Yes, we provide our own certificate of authenticity for ruby necklace or pendant also certificate from reputed independent labs such as GIA and AGL at a nominal charge.

  • How should I care for and clean my ruby necklace or pendant?

    Periodically clean your ruby pendant with a mild solution of water and soap, rinse and dry. Avoid harsh chemicals and once a year or two; take it to a professional for maintenance.

  • Do you offer a warranty or guarantee on ruby necklaces and pendants?

    Yes, we offer lifetime guarantee on all our jewelry including ruby necklaces and pendants. There is also an option of lifetime trade up by which you can exchange your ruby pendant or necklace for a higher value item. Refer to our terms for details.

  • Can I order ruby necklaces or pendants online and have them delivered?

    Yes, GemsNY has been delivering world class jewelry pieces to the doorstep of its customers for decades. We offer free shipping and returns within the United States.

  • Are there financing or installment options available for ruby necklaces and pendants?

    Yes, you can opt for 6 month interest free instalments or a 12 or 24 months tenure with nominal interest. At the time of checkout you’ll be presented with all options. You can pick the one that suits you the best.

  • Can I find ruby necklaces or pendants for sale?

    Yes, we keep promoting our gemstones and jewelry through various sale events where you can get a discount of up to 25%. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay ahead of our sale or keep visiting our website for latest announcements.

  • How much do ruby pendants necklaces cost?

    A ruby pendant necklace can cost you anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size and quality of the ruby stone. Use of diamonds also affects the price. Make use of a price filter on our website to narrow down your search.

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