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Ruby Rings

The lustrous brilliance of ruby from pigeon blood red to lighter hues captured in natural ruby rings for women & men

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Two Easy Ways to Shop a Ruby Ring

Buy ruby rings online with ease. Select either of the two options below to get to many real ruby rings.

Make Your Own Ruby Ring

Choose your ruby, its shape & size. Pair it with your preferred metal & design setting to get your unique natural ruby ring.

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Preset Ruby Rings Collection

Choose your beautiful natural red ruby ring from a number of combinations of ruby and settings crafted with precision.

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Shop by Metal

Our metals are the perfect blend of strength and allure. Choose a guardian metal you want for the protection of your gemstone.

Shop Ready to Ship Ruby Jewelry

Choose from our selection of ready made ruby jewelry crafted by our experts.

More About Our Ruby Rings

GemsNY offers women's and men's natural ruby rings in an incredible variety of exquisite styles. With preset ruby rings, a "Make Your Own Ruby Ring" tool to help you create a personalized ruby ring, and a Custom Jewelry option that allows you to be your own jewelry designer, we provide the selection and prices that make it possible to choose the ruby ring of your dreams.

We offer natural ruby rings in many different designer setting styles as well as your choice of fine metals: 14K white, yellow or rose gold; 18K white, yellow or rose gold; platinum or palladium. Choose from ruby engagement rings and wedding sets, ruby solitaire rings or rings with side-stones, three-stone ruby rings, astrological ruby rings, men's ruby rings and more.

If you don't find what you're looking for in our extensive inventory or if you have a very specific ring style in mind, you can use our Custom Jewelry service to design your own custom ruby ring. Our team of jewelry designers will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

The rubies in our elegant rings are authentic, never lab-created or synthetic, and are all certified by well-respected labs. Free engraving is available on our ruby rings, and each piece of jewelry we sell comes with a free appraisal as well as a one-year warranty.

In our collection you’ll find Burmese ruby rings as well as African ruby rings, which set the benchmark for quality. If you are searching for pink ruby rings, then you should go with a lighter shade ruby gemstone. For a wide variety of exquisite ruby rings at envious prices that are much lower than retail, shop with GemsNY.

FAQs About Ruby Rings

We have answered here the most common questions related to Ruby Rings

  • What is a Ruby Ring?

    A ring that features ruby as the centrestone is termed a ruby ring. Ruby rings for men and women come in various styles. A real ruby ring is always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

  • What does the ruby ring symbolize?

    Ruby rings are known to represent love and passion since the red color of the stone has been associated with these attributes for a long time.

  • Which finger to wear a ruby ring?

    If it’s your engagement ring, people generally wear that ruby ring in their ring finger generally on the left hand. If it’s an astrological ruby ring then it depends on the advice of an astrologer. The bottom line is that you can wear your ruby ring on any finger you want as long as you love wearing it there.

  • How do you know a ruby is real?

    The best way to be sure of the authenticity of your ruby is to have a certificate of authenticity from a reputed lab such as GIA and AGL. Buy your ruby ring from reputed sellers such as GemsNY which deals only in natural ruby gemstones and real ruby jewelry.

  • How much does a ruby ring cost?

    The price of a ruby ring can vary from $2000 to $100,000 and beyond. It depends on the quality and size of ruby stone. The per carat price goes up significantly with increase in size.

  • What is the best color ruby?

    The pigeon blood red is the best color for ruby and it’s the rarest one besides being the priciest of all other shades of red rubies.

  • How can I distinguish between real and synthetic ruby rings?

    Although you’ll find some do-it-home tips to assess whether your ruby gemstone is real or synthetic, the best way is still to have a certificate of authenticity from a reputed lab such as GIA or AGL. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk your ruby to some tests, would you?

  • Where can I buy a real ruby ring?

    There are many online and offline stores that offer real ruby rings. GemsNY is quite reputed and deals only in natural gemstones. You can buy your real ruby ring from us because we give lifetime trade up which is only possible with authentic ruby gemstones.

  • How do I determine the right ring size for a Ruby Ring?

    Measure the circumference of your finger in which you want to wear your ring and then refer to the size chart available on our website.

  • Can I customize or personalize a ruby ring?

    Yes, you can easily customize your ruby ring. You can choose the gemstone based on cut, size or color or budget, pick a metal, and the design to suit your taste. You can also get engraving done on your ring at no extra cost.

  • How do I clean and maintain the shine of my Ruby Ring?

    Periodically clean your ruby ring with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Gently brush, rinse and then pat dry. Store it separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching. Occasionally take to a reputed jeweler for cleaning and prong tightening.

  • Can I resize my Ruby Ring if needed?

    Yes, resizing is possible. It’s easier if the size is to be reduced than the other way round.

  • How do I make an informed decision when purchasing a ruby ring online?

    Read the reviews about the seller online and visit the seller if possible. Read the return policy, guarantee clause etc. and finally, read the product description of each item carefully.

  • What are the different styles of Ruby Rings available?

    Ruby rings are available in various styles such as solitaire, halo, two stone, three stone, vintage, designer and many more. At GemsNY, you’ll find both men’s ruby rings as well as women’s ruby rings in versatile settings.

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