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Sapphire Engagement Rings

A stellar collection of sapphire engagement rings for women & men - Unrivaled beauty & magnificent colors.

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Two Easy Ways to Shop Sapphire Engagement Ring

Buy your natural sapphire engagement ring in two ways. Select 'Make Your Own Sapphire Ring' option to create a fully customized ring. Or visit our 'Preset Section' to explore best-selling engagement rings with sapphire handpicked by our experts.

Make Your Own

Create your own real sapphire engagement ring easily. Select a certified sapphire of your desired color, shape & size and then pair it with the metal & design you like.

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Preset Collection

Our preset collection features numerous combinations of sapphires in various colors, versatile metals and captivating designs. Buy blue sapphire engagement rings & more.

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We are a Direct-to-Customer company & we offer gemstones at a price hard to match. Luxury & Quality need not cost additionally. These are standard at GemsNY!

Shop By Color

Fascinated by a particular color? Find your favorite color sapphire in our wide collection and then proceed to get it in your engagement ring.

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Shop By Metal

Our metals are the perfect blend of strength and allure.
Choose a guardian metal you want for the protection of your gemstone.

Shop Ready to Ship Sapphire Jewelry

No time to make your own? Shop ready to ship jewelry and meet your deadline!

More About Our Sapphire Engagement Rings

With the popularity of the beautiful sapphire engagement ring presented to Princess Diana by Prince Charles, and by their son William to Catherine Middleton, there's no question anymore that engagement rings can include stones other than diamonds! If you want to follow in the footsteps of royalty with a stunning sapphire engagement ring, there's no better place to buy it than GemsNY.

Our site is unique because we offer so many choices: preset sapphire engagement rings as well as "make your own" sapphire engagement rings and also custom ring designs. Whatever setting you choose for your ring, the sapphires you get from us are genuine and may come from Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kashmir or Australia.

Although deep blue is the color most often associated with sapphires, these lovely and durable stones come in a variety of other colors, including pink, yellow, white, and purple. All of our gems are certified, so you know you're getting the real deal at a great price. We don't sell any synthetic or lab-created stones and when you choose a sapphire ring from GemsNY, you can choose your color as well as the setting, ring material and other options -- so you can create a ring that's as special and unique as your love.

Though engagement rings with natural blue sapphires are the most sought after, in collection you will find sapphire engagement rings in breathtakingly beautiful colors. Our extensive collection has sapphire engagement rings for men as well as women.

Our jewelry is handcrafted in New York City's Diamond District on 47th Street in midtown Manhattan and you can visit us by appointment if you'd like to view some of our products before making a purchase.

Whether you choose a traditional blue sapphire engagement ring or a yellow or pink sapphire engagement ring from GemsNY, we will do our best to make it everything you have dreamed of! If you're making a last-minute purchase of your engagement ring, then you must explore our ready-to-ship section of sapphire engagement rings.

FAQs About Sapphire Engagement Rings

We have answered here the most common questions related to Sapphire Engagement Rings

  • Why Choose A Sapphire Engagement Ring?

    Sapphire engagement rings represent commitment, royalty and strength of relationship. Besides, sapphires come in a whole spectrum of colors making every engagement ring unique. Blue sapphire engagement rings with diamonds have always been a heartthrob of royalty and celebrities alike.

  • What are the Best Money Saving Options for Sapphire Engagement Ring Stones?

    Sapphire engagement ring in a cluster setting can save you a lot of dollars since it will cost considerably less than the one featuring one large stone. Also, you can look out for our sale and deals here.

  • What does a sapphire engagement ring say about you?

    A sapphire engagement ring speaks volumes about your personality and style. It portrays you as an individual with a strong sense of commitment and vigor. Natural sapphire rings also convey your love towards nature and its beauty.

  • How to Buy a Sapphire Engagement Ring?

    Buying a sapphire engagement ring is very easy. Select your preferred color of sapphire, setting and metal on our platform. Review the final rendering of the product image and use our virtual ring sizing tool. Place order.

  • How do I care for my sapphire engagement ring?

    Use a soft brush to clean your sapphire engagement ring with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. And after rinsing and drying, store it separately from other jewels to avoid scratching. Take to a professional once in a year or two for stone tightening and cleaning. Avoid chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners.

  • How Much Does a Sapphire Engagement Ring Cost?

    Cost of your sapphire engagement ring depends on a few factors: the size & color of your stone, accent stones or diamonds, metal and the setting. While the cost of metal and setting will not vary much, the cost of stone is what primarily drives the cost of your ring. You can find sapphires ranging from $250 per carat to $50,000 per carat on our platform.

  • What is the price range for sapphires and how does it compare to other gemstones?

    Sapphires are pretty hard stones which score 9 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale, second only to diamonds. All other natural stones fall below sapphire on this scale except ruby which its sister stone made of the same mineral.

  • What are some popular treatments or enhancements used on sapphires and how do they impact the cost?

    Heat treatment is the most widely used and accepted treatment performed on sapphires for improving their color and reducing inclusions to a certain extent.

  • How to Pick a Sapphire Engagement Ring Stone?

    It depends on your budget and size of stone you want in your ring and of course the color of sapphire you want. Examine the stone holding a foot away from your eyes and look for inclusions and blemishes. Try to get an eye-clean stone and better yet go to a reputed jeweler to get the stone with a certificate of authenticity from reputed labs such as GIA and AGL.

  • Why do some Sapphires look black?

    Some sapphires look black because of overly dark color saturation. Very dark blue sapphires and very dark green sapphires will eventually look black. Such sapphires are priced moderately.

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