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Loose Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstones

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    about Blue sapphire

    About Blue Sapphire

    Blue sapphire is often the most recognized of all the sapphire gemstones despite the fact that sapphires come in a wide array of colors.

    Blue sapphire is made from the mineral corundum which is a naturally occurring mineral. The color intensity of a blue sapphire is dependent on the presence of titanium and iron in the base mineral. There are so many color hues of blue sapphires but the most sought after is the cornflower blue sapphire.

    Hardness & Suitability

    Like all other sapphires, a blue sapphire is also pretty hard gemstones measuring 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This hardness of the blue sapphire makes it extremely suitable to be set into jewelry pieces as it can easily withstand the rigors of everyday use. Blue sapphire rings can be worn on an everyday basis or on special occasions.

    Many people prefer wearing blue sapphire jewelry to complete their official look with a little pop of color. Apart from blue sapphire rings, blue sapphire pendants, blue sapphire earrings and blue sapphire bracelets have gathered huge popularity in recent years. Wedding rings and stackable bands with blue sapphires are no less preferred by modern brides and grooms alike.

    Something Blue for Wedding

    Apart from being used in everyday jewelry, a blue sapphire is one of the most popular choices in weddings for ‘something blue’. The trend of blue sapphire engagement rings has caught on and still continues since the most famous engagement ring – Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring.

    Easy Financing Options

    Buying a blue sapphire gemstone or blue sapphire jewelry is not very challenging nowadays particularly because of the easy financing options available. From a very short term interest-free financing to low-interest financing spanning up to 24 months, you have the option to choose something that suits your budget without delaying your purchase. Also, it’s a good idea to buy just the blue sapphire gemstones today if you’re unsure of the type of jewelry you want. You can later design your own piece of jewelry or get the stone set in the design that appeals to you.

    FAQ - Blue Sapphire
    Blue sapphire is found in many countries in the world such as India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar etc.
    A blue sapphire symbolizes royalty, affluence and abundance of material wealth.
    Blue sapphire is a versatile stone and it can complement any metal such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. The choice of metal also depends on your skin-tone. Nowadays most people prefer their blue sapphire jewelry in white gold.
    The most famous piece of blue sapphire jewelry is Princess Diana’s ring, which is replicated in various sizes.
    Yes, definitely you can opt for a blue sapphire engagement ring. In fact a blue sapphire as the center stone surrounded by diamonds presents a bedazzling look.