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Loose Natural Orange Sapphire Gemstones

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    About Orange Sapphire

    About Orange Sapphire

    Blue may be the most popular sapphire but orange is definitely the most fiery one. An orange sapphire looks like a ball of flame with its deep golden hues seizing your attention. The gem occurs in a magnificent range of warm colors, from yellowish orange to reddish orange. What gives orange sapphire its coveted color is the presence of iron and chromium in its crystalline structure. The brilliant hues of this gem make orange sapphire necklaces a must-have for jewelry lovers.

    Is Orange Sapphire Rare?

    Orange sapphires are very rare and among them, stones that have a vivid orange color with no undertones are the rarest. These gems are only found in Sri Lanka and some parts of Africa. The rarity of orange sapphires makes them strong contenders in the eyes of modern brides who want a rare centerstone for their engagement ring. An orange sapphire engagement ring with a pure orange to red-orange centerstone with medium tone and vivid saturation is in a class of its own.

    How Hard is Orange Sapphire?

    With a hardness score of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, the orange sapphire stone stands as a durable and fashionable option for everyday jewelry. These gemstones are prominently fashioned in all kinds of jewelry, with orange sapphire rings being everyone’s first choice. Men and women eyeing bold jewelry choose orange sapphire earrings and bracelets to best express their individuality.

    What Does Orange Sapphire Symbolize?

    Orange sapphire gemstones symbolize love, happiness, wisdom and creativity. With their earthy hues and magical aura, they represent positivity through and through. An orange sapphire acts as a driving force that encourages you to go beyond your limits to achieve your goals. The gemstone works wonders in boosting creativity and confidence by opening the sacral chakra.

    The birthstone for September, orange sapphire, holds a special connection with the planet Mars that’s associated with qualities like leadership and ambition in astrological terms. Wearing orange sapphire jewelry can balance your emotions and empower your strength of purpose. September-borns are always in search of orange sapphire gemstones for sale to get these stunning beauties for their astrological benefits.