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About Tanzanite Rings

About Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite rings hold a special significance for Saggitarians. Tanzanite is the birthstone for December, as well as the anniversary stone for a 24th wedding anniversary. Tanzanite is a fairly recent discovery in the world of gemstones. It was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It was initially called blue zoisite.

Discovery & Treatment

Tanzanite was officially brought to the gem market in 1968 and was added to the list of official December birthstones in 2002. It is primarily a trichroic gemstone, meaning that it reflects three colors viz. brown, blue and violet. However, heat treatment is performed on the gemstones to reduce the shade of brown leaving the gemstone with only two colors – blue and indigo/violet. Thus, the trichroism also reduces to dichroism. Heat treatment on tanzanite is a well-accepted practice in the industry.

Rarity of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is an extremely rare gemstone found in only one location in the world and that too within a very small geographical area. According to an estimate the tanzanite mines will deplete in the next two decades. Given this factor of rarity, tanzanite is said to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds and that’s why it’s called ‘gem of a generation’ since future generations may not be able to buy this gemstone from the primary market.

Make Your Own Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite rings are offered in a wide range of styles and patterns. To create your own ring, pick a tanzanite from GemsNY's wide variety of gemstones and ring designs that is the appropriate size and form. You might wish to consider the price of various tanzanites based on their quality and size while creating your ring.

A single centre stone is set on a metal band, generally composed of gold or platinum, in a solitaire tanzanite ring. A two-stone tanzanite ring, in contrast, features two rather than one centre stone. Think about a three-stone ring, which contains a centre stone and two diamonds on either side of it.

Despite the fact that side stones can be added to any tanzanite band, many people mistakenly believe that a side stone ring and a three stone ring are the same thing. On the shank or metal band that makes up a tanzanite ring, the centre stone is surrounded by precious stones, often diamonds. Sometimes totally, other times partially, the stones cover the entire length of the metal band of the ring.

You and your loved ones may want to think about purchasing one of the many different styles of tanzanite rings that GemsNY has to offer. You may discover halo rings, astrological rings, celtic rings, vintage or antique-inspired rings, and many more in our vast selection of anzanite rings. The ring may be customized to your specifications down to the smallest component and detail. You can start by selecting a tanzanite or ring style in our "make your own'' section. In either case, you can alter any part of your ring whenever you choose.

FAQ - Tanzanite Rings

A ring has two main parts – the head or gallery that holds the centerstone and the shank or the metal band that fits your finger. There are a lot of styles to feature center stone such as prong setting, bezel setting and so on. You can use various types of filters available on our website to select gemstone, metal and ring style. Use a combination that truly catches your fascination.
For the creation of your one-of-a-kind tanzanite ring, we have a process in place which starts with a drawing and moves on to CAD design. Each stage of the process is explained to the customer and documented. A computer-aided design (CAD) visualization will give you a fantastic idea of how the ring will look like.
Yes. All our jewelry including our tanzanite rings come with a 30 days no-questions-asked return guarantee. Please read our terms here.
Yes, we provide our own certificate of authenticity for the gemstones and most of our gems are certified by reputed independent labs such as GIA, AGL etc. The term "conflict-free" is usually associated with diamonds, but all gemstones at GemsNY, including tanzanite, are ethically sourced. You can view the certificate of authenticity for each gemstone on the individual product page on our website.
There is no universal grading system for tanzanites even though like all other color gemstones tanzanites are also graded on the basis of 4Cs — color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. GemsNY has its own grading system for tanzanites, which ranges between AAAAA and A, with A being the highest grade.
Tanzanite rings are available in a wide range of settings and sizes at GemsNY. One approach to categorize tanzanite rings is by style, such as solitaire, halo, celtic, two stone, and so on. Each style has its own metal category: white gold, yellow gold (18k & 14k), rose gold, and platinum. You can also use a price filter or size filter to see the tanzanite you desire for your ring.