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    About Alexandrite Rings

    About Alexandrite Rings

    Alexandrite rings have a unique advantage because the gemstone changes color like a chameleon. Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June and it is also the anniversary stone for the 55th year of marriage. The discovery of alexandrite dates back to the early 19th century i.e. the 1830s. It was discovered in the region of the Ural Mountains in Russia, where emerald mines were located.

    Composition of Alexandrite

    Alexandrite is a form of the mineral chrysoberyl and it is known for exhibiting color change properties. The presence of iron and titanium along with chromium in the mineral renders alexandrite its unique attribute of color change. The color of alexandrite usually ranges between different shades of green or blue and various hues of red. Sometimes the color is yellowish green or brownish green.

    Price & Symbolism of Alexandrite

    The value of alexandrite depends on the saturation of the colors. The darker the color, the more valuable the gemstone. It is this richness of color that made alexandrite a heartthrob of the Russian ruling class in yesteryears during the time of Czars and has now made it the apple of the eye to people in general. The Alexandrite ring is a symbol of power and affluence. The alexandrite in the ring is said to change its color when its wearer is in some sort of danger.

    Alexandrite Rings Designs

    Alexandrite rings are available in a number of designs. Select an alexandrite in the desired shape and size to create your own ring from a wide variety of gemstones and ring styles available at GemsNY.You may also want to consider the cost of different alexandrites based on their grade and size when designing your ring.

    A solitaire alexandrite ring has a single centrestone set in a metal band, typically gold or platinum. A two-stone alexandrite ring, on the other hand, has two centrestones rather than one.

    If you want something more unique, consider a three-stone ring, which features a centre stone bordered on either side by two jewels.

    More Alexandrite Rings

    Many people mix up a side stone ring with a three stone ring, but the two are quite different, even though side stones can be added to any band featuring alexandrite. A side stone alexandrite ring has a centrestone that is surrounded by gemstones, usually diamonds, on the shank or metal band that makes the ring. The stones run along the length of the ring's metal band sometimes in full and sometimes in part.

    There are a variety of additional alexandrite ring types to choose from for yourself or your loved ones. Halo rings, astrological rings, celtic rings, vintage or antique inspired rings, and many more are available for you in our vast repository of alexandrite rings.

    FAQ - Alexandrite Rings

    We have many options as far as the ring settings are concerned. You can use filters according to gemstones or metal or ring styles. A ring has two parts – the metal band or the shank, and the head or the gallery that holds the center piece. A combination of these two is referred to as the ring setting. At GemsNY, there are numerous combinations of shank and gallery which you can choose from.
    For your custom alexandrite ring design, we have a system in place where first a sketch is made followed by CAD design. The details at every step are shared with the client. CAD design will give you a fair representation of what the ring will look like.
    Yes. Our alexandrite rings come with a 30 days no-questions-asked return guarantee. Please read our terms here.
    The concept of conflict-free usually applies to diamonds but all gemstones including alexandrites at GemsNY are ethically sourced. The certificate of authenticity of each gemstone can be viewed on our website itself on that specific product page.
    Alexandrites are graded according to the four Cs – color, clarity, cut and carat weight. GemsNY has its own system of grading alexandrites which ranges between AAAAA and A where the former is the highest grading.
    GemsNY has a huge variety of alexandrite rings. One category can be based on the strength of color change while another way to categorize alexandrite rings is by styles such as solitaire, halo, celtic, two stone etc. In each style there can be another category based on metals – white gold, yellow gold (18k & 14k), rose gold and platinum.