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About Natural Diamond Rings

About Natural Diamond Rings

With their miraculous radiance and remarkable durability, diamonds have been dominating the hearts from time immemorial. Diamonds are the epitome of excellent brilliance and enviable beauty, setting an exceptional example in the world of natural gemstones. Natural diamonds are solidified blocks of carbon subjected to extremely high temperatures for millions of years under the Earth’s crust. The craze among the people for natural diamond rings is phenomenal and why not? This spell-binding gemstone scores 10 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it the most durable gemstone in jewelry.

Various Designs of Natural Diamond Rings

Natural diamond rings can be styled in several ways, from classic solitaires to extravagant diamond statement rings. While solitaire rings are the most versatile pick, Toi Et Moi (two-stone) and trilogy (three-stone) rings featuring scintillating natural diamonds are in high demand among contemporary brides all around the world. You can curate a diamond halo ring that adds volume and attracts undivided attention to the centerstone.

We fall short of words to describe how extraordinary a diamond cluster ring appears with a flock of dainty diamonds studded in intricate geometric or floral patterns. Let’s not forget the rich symbolism behind an eternal array of diamonds set in a diamond eternity ring, representative of everlasting love and commitment.

Natural Diamond Rings - Diamond Cut, Color & Metals

Natural diamond rings can be set with colorful varieties of diamonds and not just the standard colorless variant. Like sapphires, natural diamonds can be green, blue, orange, red, yellow, pink, purple, brown and even black. Speaking of diamond cuts, oval and round are the most celebrated cuts while pear, square, marquise, heart and emerald cuts are making new trends.

Diamonds, being super lustrous, complement well with all the metals. Natural diamond rings give a classic vintage finish when paired with yellow gold or rose gold while platinum and white gold diamond rings present a modern and edgy look. The best natural diamond ring will be one with your preferred diamond color, cut, metal and ring setting.

Make Your Own Natural Diamond Ring in Three Simple Steps

GemsNY has a spectacular range of natural diamond rings for sale that will make you go wow. However, if none of the preset designs are to your liking, then you have the privilege of designing a unique natural diamond ring from scratch. First, curate your sparkling gem from thousands of certified loose natural diamond stones in different shapes, clarity, carat-weight and price scales.

Next, pick your preferred ring setting (prong, bezel, solitaire, halo, three-stone, eternity, split shank, double shank, pave-set, etc.), and in the end preview the final product with price specifications. During any step, you are free to make any modifications to the selected parameters as per your requirements. You can also give a personalized touch to your ring by engraving names, initials or any messages on it.

Price of Natural Diamond Rings

In general, whether it is a 2ct natural diamond ring or a 4ct natural diamond ring, the price may vary significantly depending on the quality (color, cut, clarity and carat weight) of the natural diamond, the ring setting and the metal choice. While a high-quality flawless natural diamond may command up to $50,000 a low-quality stone may cost only $1,000. For fine quality certified and conflict-free natural diamond rings for sale, keep staying in touch with GemsNY.