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Loose Natural Peach Sapphire Gemstones

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    About Peach Sapphire

    About Peach Sapphire

    Peach Sapphire is a stunning and unique variety of sapphire that is cherished for its delicate and enchanting peachy-pink hue. It belongs to the corundum mineral family, which is the same family that includes other varieties of sapphires and rubies. What sets peach sapphire apart is its soft and feminine color, which ranges from pale peach to vibrant pink-orange tones.

    Origin of Peach Sapphire

    Peach sapphires are typically found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Tanzania, although there are some other regions of the world which are also catering to its demand. These gemstones are formed under specific geological conditions where the presence of trace elements such as iron, chromium and titanium give the gemstone its lovely peach color.

    Color of Peach Sapphire

    One of the most enchanting qualities of peach sapphire stone is its versatility. The gemstone exhibits various shades within the peach spectrum, ranging from light pastel hues to deeper, more saturated tones. Some Peach Sapphires have secondary undertones of pink, orange, or even lavender, adding further depth and complexity to their appearance.

    Hardness and longevity

    In terms of hardness, peach sapphire scores 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it a durable gemstone that can withstand everyday wear & tear. The color of peach sapphires is relatively stable, so its remarkable hardness, combined with its captivating color, makes it a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces that are meant to be cherished for a lifetime.

    Compatibility with Jewelry

    The name "Peach Sapphire" perfectly describes the gem's beautiful color, reminiscent of the soft blush of a summer peach. This gemstone has gained popularity in recent years for its romantic and elegant appeal, making peach sapphire engagement rings highly sought-after. Other fine jewelry pieces such as peach sapphire earrings, peach sapphire necklaces and peach sapphire rings come in several designs and make a perfect adornment for all occasions.

    Selecting Peach Sapphire

    Whenever you find peach sapphire gemstone for sale, you should examine it carefully. You should consider factors such as color, clarity and cut to assess its quality. Each gemstone is unique and personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the perfect stone. Some may prefer a softer, more subtle peach tone, while others may be drawn to a vibrant and bold hue. Scroll through our vast collection of peach sapphire gemstones to pick one or more for your special jewelry piece.


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    You can view certificates and appraisal reports in the product images. The reports provide you with information about the origin, enhancements and other authenticating factors.
    Yes, peach sapphire is also a September birthstone. You can set the loose gemstone in earrings, pendants and rings for men & women to make a perfect birthstone bling.
    At GemsNY, we provide authenticating certificates, insured shipping, a 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty, making it safe to purchase precious loose gemstones online from us.
    Yes, you can give a loose gemstone to your friend as a token of your friendship. Peach sapphires also make good gift options when featured in anniversary rings and engagement rings.