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Make Your Own Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring

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    Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Rings

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    Unveil the magical charm of paraiba tourmaline on your ring finger with our extensive collection of paraiba tourmaline engagement rings. Drenched in vibrant neon blue and greenish blue hues, this attractive gemstone reflects the refreshing beauty of the oceans. Weave a timeless love story with a priceless ring studded with one of the rarest and most valued natural gemstones in the world.

    How to Make Your Own Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring

    Believe it or not, the process of making your own paraiba tourmaline ring is quite easy. All you need to follow is three simple steps. Firstly, select a glittering loose paraiba tourmaline gemstone from our huge inventory in your desired cut & shape. Secondly, pick a ring style from solitaire, halo, two-stone, three-stone, antique & more. Lastly, choose the metal option, ring size and prong setting. Review the final product with price and make payment. In case you are not comfortable with the design or price, feel free to revisit the previous steps for a better choice. So, what do you think? Isn’t it fun to design your own paraiba tourmaline engagement ring?

    Best Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Rings

    Paraiba tourmaline, which is an October birthstone, will make your engagement ring stand out with its electrifying neon blue color. The ring is not just suitable for engagement but can be an amazing gift for a wedding anniversary. You can choose from diverse shapes such as round, oval, cushion, pear, heart and trillion cut to create your ideal jewel. Additionally, you have a wide range to consider from its distinct color palette to clarity, carat weight and price to make your dream paraiba tourmaline engagement ring a reality.


    We recommend you to consider our exclusive range of paraiba tourmaline rings. Surprise your wife with a mesmerizingly unique anniversary gift.
    Yes, our paraiba tourmaline ring collection features GIA-certified tourmalines, making your purchase 100% authentic.
    Both men & women can wear a paraiba tourmaline ring. In terms of zodiac and astrological jewelry, it benefits Virgos & Libras the most.
    The oceanic blue hues of paraiba tourmaline make them best suited with white metals such as white gold and platinum. However, you are free to choose either yellow gold or rose gold as well.