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GemsNY offers a large selection of ruby, emerald and sapphire engagement rings at wholesale prices. Select from halo settings to classic solitaire settings, we have it all. Our rings are offered in various choices of metal. Select your choice of gemstone engagement ring below.
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Diamonds have long been the stone of choice for engagement rings, but many couples are updating the tradition with colorful gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. We offer beautiful ruby, sapphire and emerald engagement rings in your choice of setting styles that range from classic to contemporary.

Diamond and sapphire engagement rings typically feature deep or vibrant blue stones, but sapphires also occur naturally in other colors, including white, pink, purple, yellow and orange. White sapphire engagement rings are an elegant alternative to diamonds.

Our vast collection also includes ruby engagement rings with beautiful gemstones that come in pink, purplish or reddish hues. Rubies make desirable stones for engagement rings because of their hardness and the fact that they symbolize a lasting love -- in fact, they are the traditional stone for the 40th wedding anniversary.

We also offer many stunning diamond and emerald engagement rings. The calming, rich green colors of emeralds are not found in any other gemstone. Choose a preset setting for your ring, or match a specific emerald to a specific setting to create a truly personalized emerald engagement ring.

All of our gemstones are genuine, never synthetic or lab-created, and each is certified. Our expert gemologists travel throughout the world to source the best gemstones and bring them to our Manhattan showroom, where they are used to create our beautiful handcrafted gemstone engagement rings and other high-quality jewelry pieces.

Each engagement ring we sell is handcrafted to the customer's specifications. Even if you choose a preset engagement ring, you choose the setting style and metal as well as the gemstone shape and color. To expand your choices even more, we offer a "Make Your Own" option, and custom engagement ring design is also a possibility.

For the best selection of gemstone engagement rings at wholesale prices, shop GemsNY.

Based on 47th Street in Manhattan - All of our Jewelry is Handcrafted in New York City's Diamond District


Dan W.- MI, US
February 27, 2020
We called and requested information and the gemologist was very helpful. The ordering process was a breeze!
Kenneth H.- TN, US
February 9, 2020
Exceptional selection of gemstones. Easy to use and filter to specific characteristics needed.
Nathalie L.- Ontario, CA
February 2, 2020
Very detailed website and easy to use! I found the ruby I wanted effortlessly! Thanks for the help!
Tracy H.- TN, US
January 27, 2020
The process of building my ring was so much fun. The final product looks amazing! :) I am very pleased with my overall...


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