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Loose Natural Green Sapphire Gemstones

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    About Green Sapphire

    About Green Sapphire

    Sapphires are one of the four precious gemstones coveted worldwide for their extraordinary color scheme, rare gem quality and exceptional brilliance. Found in a wide spectrum of natural hues, sapphires fascinate every heart that adores the shades of a rainbow. While blue sapphires are traditional beauties, green sapphires make an unconventional but attractive statement in the universe of colored gemstones.

    The September Birthstone

    Green sapphires are formed when traces of iron get mixed with the base mineral corundum imparting each sapphire a different variant of green shade. The green sapphire color palette consists of light to medium to dark tones of primary green color with or without the undertones of yellow or blue acting as secondary shades. Depending on your taste, your green sapphire ring can feature a yellowish-green, bluish-green or pure green sapphire.

    Availability & Affordability Index of Green Sapphire

    Green sapphire stones are mined in several countries across the world namely, Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and the US state of Montana. Compared to blue, pink and yellow variants, a green sapphire stone makes a pocket-friendly investment due to its limited demand which has been on the rise in recent years. Within the family, green sapphires that are eye-clean and possess pure green hues in light to medium tones are priced higher since such stones are more responsive to light and hence appear brighter than those with dark tones.

    Green Sapphire Durability & Popular Jewelry Designs

    With a hardness score of 9 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale, green sapphires are more durable and visually appealing alternatives to emeralds, peridots and tourmalines. This means you are most welcome to opt for a green sapphire engagement ring as your ring finger buddy. A pair of green sapphire earrings or a green sapphire necklace is also an apt choice for everyday jewelry. With green sapphires studded in your jewelry, there’s nothing to worry about since your pretty green gems are not only capable of sustaining day-to-day weathering but also resisting scratches.

    Astrological Symbolism Behind Green Sapphire

    If your eyes are already set on the majestic green sapphires then you must know that it's not only their enchanting green hues but also rich symbolism that makes these gemstones a center of attraction. As a symbol of absolute peace and spiritual bliss, a green sapphire stone helps the wearer attain mental stability and gain self-confidence to fight against the odds and embrace success. If you wish to take a step towards building a strong character and materializing your dreams then a green sapphire can assist you in breaking free from your anxieties, thus focusing your energies in the right direction.