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Come see the largest collection of Natural Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds online. Most of our Gemstones are certified by Independent Labs.
Loose Sapphires
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Loose Rubies
Gems Rubies
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Loose Emeralds
Gems Emeralds
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Loose Alexandrites
Gems Alexandrites
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Loose Tsavorites
Gems Tsavorites
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Loose Tanzanites
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Loose Aquamarines
Gems Aquamarine
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Loose Peridots
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Loose Pink Tourmalines
Gems Pink Tourmaline
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Loose Hessonite Garnets
Gems Hessonite Garnets
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Loose Spinel
Gems Spinel
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Loose Paraiba Tourmaline
Gems Paraiba Tourmaline
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Choose beautiful gemstones online and make your favorite ring, studs, pendant, bracelet or necklace. GemsNY's vast collection of genuine loose precious gemstones are procured from the best mines of the world. Moreover, each of the loose sapphires, loose rubies, loose emeralds and loose diamonds are certified by distinguished gemstone laboratories. Our selection includes a variety of precious gems in many colors, range of shapes, cuts, clarity, brilliance and carat weight, thus, giving you many choices for your desired jewel setting. Browse our entire collection and select perfect sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds for your different pieces of jewelry.

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