Lifetime Trade-Up Program

Our Lifetime Trade-Up Program ("Trade-Up") is a truly unique convenience we extend to our customers and covers all GemsNY color gemstone items, including custom jewelry.

We are growing as a business and we hope our customers grow with us. That's why we will credit you up to 90% of the original purchase price if you choose to trade-up to another color gemstone or jewelry item that is at least 125% of the original purchase price of item you are trading in (for example: if you bought a color gemstone item for $2,000, with Trade-Up you'd receive a $1,800 credit toward another color gemstone item priced $2,500 or more).

Terms and Conditions

  • Color gemstone orders may not be trade up for diamond center stones
  • Diamond orders are not applicable for trade-up
  • Order below $1,500 are eligible for credit up to the original purchase price less $150.
  • To be eligible, items need to be in undamaged condition
  • To be eligible, items require any and all original appraisal(s) and/or certificate(s) that accompanied them (or a minimum $225 fee will be deducted from the trade-up value for each appraisal and certificate we need to replace).
  • The percentage for Trade-Up set above is based on the assumption that, at the time of trade-up, applicable market prices are the same or higher than applicable market prices at original purchase.
  • GemsNY reserves the right to refuse any life time tradeup under its sole discretion.
  • Customers are responsible for shipping trade-up items for inspection to GemsNY at their cost.
  • Only eligible for customers within USA
  • Sales Tax Included in Purchase Price will not be credited back.

Please contact customer service for more information:

USA/Canada (Toll Free): 1-888-436-7692
Other Countries: 1-212-575-1672

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