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Tsavorite Engagement Rings

Tsavorite engagement rings carry the spring-like refreshing and invigorating green of Mother Nature, symbolizing prosperity and compassion.

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The shape of the tsavorite you're looking for is right here in our selection. Each cut in every shape brings out the beauty of the natural tsavorite engagement rings in a unique way. To shop, select the shape that fascinates you.

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See our most favored designs of tsavorite engagement rings for sale and be inspired to have one for your grand occasion.

Popular Tsavorite Traditional Solitaire Ring - R10211TS


Traditional Solitaire

Popular Tsavorite Princess Diana Replica Ring - R11835TS


Princess Diana Replica

Popular Tsavorite Classic Three Stone Ring - R10694TS


Classic Three Stone

Popular Tsavorite Halo Ring - R11779TS



Popular Tsavorite Classic Pave Ring - R10264TS


Classic Pave

Popular Tsavorite Celtic Ring - R11659TS



Popular Tsavorite Split Shank Ring - R11357TS


Split Shank

Popular Tsavorite Bypass Ring - R11329TS



Popular Tsavorite Antique Ring - R11744TS



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More About Our Tsavorite Engagement Rings

Tsavorite is a more affordable option to those who are looking for 'something green' in their collection but don't want to invest in emerald, maybe because they already own an emerald or maybe because they prefer a somewhat different green. Tsavorite engagement ring serves all that purposes, not only it gives you the glittering green that the gemstone is known for but also a tsavorite ring is an economical option for a comparable size.

If your partner loves nature, which in all likelihood possible because everyone does, then a tsavorite engagement rings for women will make an incredible option for your momentous occasion as this gemstone symbolizes living energies of the earth especially fertility.

To make the spring green color of your tsavorite engagement ring truly stand out, you can use a halo setting or pair your tsavorite with other gemstones. You get your engagement ring made in various metals such as 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, platinum or palladium.

You can use the 'make your own section' of our website to decide the specifications of your engagement ring. Alternatively, you can choose from the combinations that we have set apart for you in our 'preset collection' of tsavorite engagement rings. We offer vintage and antique-inspired engagement ring styles as well as more contemporary designer styles. In our collection you’ll find a wide variety of natural tsavorite engagement rings for women.

Irrespective of what style or type of engagement ring you choose from our inventory, we offer free insured shipping, 30-days returns, a one-year warranty, and an appraisal for insurance purposes. Buy your tsavorite engagement ring from us with confidence.

FAQs About Tsavorite Engagement Rings

We have answered here the most common questions related to Tsavorite Engagement Rings

  • What is a tsavorite engagement ring?

    A ring wherein tsavorite gemstone is the centerstone, which is meant to express your commitment in love and willingness to take your relationship forward, is a tanzanite engagement ring.

  • How does tsavorite compare to other green gemstones for engagement rings?

    Tsavorite makes a spending choice for engagement rings. Compared to green sapphires and emeralds, tsavorite is an affordable option in terms of price. In terms of color, it comes in electric green color which is more vibrant than the other two gemstones. Tsavorite measures between 7 and 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale whereas the other two gems score higher.

  • What is the significance of tsavorite engagement rings?

    Tsavorite engagement rings hold a very deep symbolism. Tsavorite jewelry signifies vitality, prosperity and benevolence due to its vibrant rich green color. It is said to help its wearer to discover the beauty within and in others.

  • Are there different styles of tsavorite engagement rings available?

    Yes, tsavorite engagement rings are available in many different styles. Some of the most preferred styles are solitaire, halo, two stone, three stone, vintage, designer and many more. At GemsNY, you’ll find a variety of tsavorite engagement rings on sale.

  • Can I find unique tsavorite engagement rings?

    Yes, you can most certainly find tsavorite engagement rings with unique designs on our website. Designer rings, halo rings and three stone rings are some of the styles in which you can get your uniquely designed ring. And in case you have a design of your own, we can bring it life for you.

  • Are there natural tsavorite engagement rings available?

    Yes, natural tsavorite engagement rings are available at GemsNY. GemsNY deals only in natural colored gemstones including tsavorite. The tsavorite engagement rings featured on our website have natural tsavorite gemstones.

  • How do I choose the right size for a tsavorite engagement ring?

    To get your tsavorite engagement ring in the right size, measure the circumference of your ring finger and match that measurement with the size chart given on our website.

  • Can I customize my tsavorite engagement ring?

    Yes, you can easily customize your tsavorite engagement ring. From selecting the size and quality of your gemstone to selecting the design and metal, you can do it all with our easy interface. Also, you can change any parameter anytime you want.

  • What are the characteristics of natural tsavorite engagement rings?

    The tsavorite stone in the ring will exude splendid green color and it will also suit all kinds of metal. You will get documentary evidence in support of the authenticity of real tsavorite featured in your ring.

  • Can I find tsavorite engagement rings with diamond accents?

    Yes, there are many styles of tsavorite engagement rings featuring diamonds alongside tsavorite gemstones. Halo, pave, three stone settings are some options where you can find diamond accents.

  • Are there alternative metal options for tsavorite engagement rings?

    Yes, tsavorite engagement rings can be made in a variety of metals such as classic gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. You can also choose a combination of metals to make your ring more unique.

  • Can I have my tsavorite engagement ring certified?

    Yes, you can get your tsavorite engagement ring certified from us. GemsNY provides its own certificate of authenticity for all its gemstones and jewelry. Most of our gemstones are certified by reputed independent labs such as GIA, AGL etc.

  • What is the average cost of a tsavorite engagement ring?

    The price of a tsavorite engagement ring starts from as low as $2,000 and it can go up to $50,000 or beyond. The price depends upon the quality and size of the gemstone.

  • Where can I find reputable sellers of tsavorite engagement rings?

    GemsNY is one of the most reputed jewelers in the USA. Thousands of customer reviews across all platforms such as Google, Yelp etc. testify to the fact. You can buy your tsavorite engagement ring and other jewelry with confidence from us.

  • Are tsavorite engagement rings suitable for everyday wear?

    Yes, tsavorite engagement rings are suitable for everyday wear due to their fair hardness score and durability. However, you should avoid taking up demanding physical activities such as sports or gardening etc. while wearing the ring.

  • What are the different cuts available for tsavorite engagement rings?

    Tsavorite engagement rings come with various gemstone cuts. Some of the most sought after cuts are round, oval, princess, heart, emerald cut and so on.

  • Can I find vintage-inspired tsavorite engagement rings?

    Vintage tsavorite engagement rings are hard to come by since such jewels are heirlooms and command an exceptionally high price. However, you can get your own vintage inspired tsavorite engagement ring within your budget, from GemsNY. Select a design from our ‘vintage’ section to choose your favorite.

  • Are there matching sets of tsavorite engagement rings and wedding bands?

    Yes, there are matching wedding sets available to go well with your tsavorite engagement ring. You can get wedding bands, tsavorite earrings and tsavorite pendants band for yourself or your loved one.

  • How do I care for my tsavorite engagement ring?

    Caring for your tsavorite engagement ring is easy. Periodically clean your tsavorite engagement ring with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Gently brush, rinse and then pat dry. Store it separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching. Occasionally take to a reputed jeweler for cleaning and prong tightening.

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