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Make Your Own Diamond Pendant

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Make Your Own Diamond Pendants

Design a diamond pendant and express your unique style with our exclusive pendant settings. With a range of exquisite settings and a dazzling selection of diamonds, you have the power to create a pendant that perfectly catches every eye. Whether you prefer classic sophistication, modern minimalism, or intricate detailing, our expert craftsmanship and your creativity together can bring your dream pendant to life. Discover the joy of designing your own diamond pendants and let your creativity shine. From selecting the perfect setting and diamond to providing design insights and recommendations, we are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Custom Diamond Pendants with Exceptional Quality

At GemsNY, we are committed to providing you with diamonds of the highest quality. Each diamond is meticulously selected for its exceptional cut, clarity and brilliance. Our expert gemologists ensure that every diamond meets our stringent standards, guaranteeing that your pendant will radiate with unmatched beauty. With our diamonds, you can be confident in owning a piece that will stand the test of time and captivate with its timeless elegance. Other than this, metals used in diamond pendants are skin-friendly and ready to stand everyday wear and tear. With all our diamond pendants, we provide diamond certificates and a lifetime warranty.

Shop for a diamond ring from unmatched Variety

We understand that every love story is unique and that's why our collection offers a wide range of diamond rings to suit every taste and preference. From classic solitaire settings to intricate halo designs, our diamond rings for men and women perfectly symbolize love and reflect personal preferences. With our extensive selection, you can find a diamond ring that speaks of your heart and conveys your feelings well.

Endless Design Possibilities for Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Designing your own diamond pendant opens a world of limitless possibilities. Choose from an array of stunning settings, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. From classic four-prong solitaires that exude sophistication to intricate halo designs that enhance the center diamond's brilliance, there's a setting to suit every taste and style. Whether you prefer a diamond pendant necklace that exudes understated elegance or one that makes a bold statement, our selection of settings ensures that your creation is as unique as you are. So, embrace the beauty and brilliance of diamonds and let your creativity shine through a pendant that is uniquely yours.


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Soak your pendant in the solution of mild dish soap for a few minutes, then gently rub it with a soft brush. Next, carefully wash it under running water and finally wipe it with a lint-free cloth.
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