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Emerald Pendants

Exquisite Collection of Emerald Pendants

Shop our collection of rare natural emerald pendants and indulge in the enduring elegance of these verdant green gemstones. Our stunning collection of preset emerald pendant necklaces feature a variety of styles. Each jewelry piece is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of luxury and sophistication. Whether you're searching for a statement piece or a delicate accent, here you can explore a selection of emerald pendants for every style and preference. From iconic solitaire designs to intricate emerald and diamond combinations, find your ideal match to adorn yourself or gift to a loved one.

Preset Emerald Pendant Necklace

Experience the epitome of effortless elegance with our preset emerald pendant necklaces. Each pendant necklace is expertly curated to emphasize the mesmerizing beauty of these gems. Moreover, you can customize your emerald pendant in a different metal or with a gemstone of different quality & size. It is a great gift as a May birthstone jewelry or for an anniversary. A natural emerald pendant in a fine metal chain becomes an ageless and versatile accessory for every occasion. At GemsNY, we promise quality and craftsmanship in every piece, ensuring that your investment in emerald pendants last a lifetime. Our dedication to brilliance shines through in the stunning design and attention to detail of each pendant necklace we offer.

Emerald Pendants for Sale

Embrace the enchanting beauty of this May birthstone with our exquisite emerald pendants for sale. Symbolizing rebirth and renewal, emeralds make a meaningful and cherished gift for those born in May or anyone who appreciates the allure of this vibrant gemstone. Our curated selection of preset emerald pendant necklaces feature a range of styles and designs, from classic to contemporary such as solitaires, heart knot styles, three-stone settings and more. Explore our exquisite collection today to discover the enduring charisma of emeralds.


Absolutely! Emeralds symbolize love, devotion and new beginnings, making them an ideal choice for wedding or engagement jewelry.
Emerald is the May birthstone. Hence, gifting a pendant bedecked with emerald to a May baby is a meaningful way to celebrate their big day.
Emeralds are versatile gemstones suitable for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and milestone achievements.
Yes, we offer adjustable chain lengths for our emerald pendant necklaces, allowing you to customize the fit to your desired length.