Why are our prices so low?

GemsNY is a leading direct to consumer provider of gemstones with No Middle Man. We have direct contracts with gemstone rough mining companies and have our own manufacturing facilities, where we cut and polish our gemstones. Removing the middle men from the supply chain allows us to offer 60%-80% savings off of retail jewelry store prices. See below how gemstones typically move through the supply chain:

Gemstone Supply Chain Example (2ct AAA quality)

Why are Our Prices so Low ?
Sales Channel Sample Procurement Cost Channel Description
Mining Companies $2,000
Own large mines where "rough" gems are found. Takes workers 1 month many times to find a quality gemstone.
Manufacturing Companies $2,500
Purchase "rough" gemstones directly from mines. Rough is then cut, faceted and polished.
Dealers $3,000
Purchase from manufacturing companies and stock large inventory of gemstones. Gemstones are sorted into parcels ready to be sold to jewelry stores.
Retail Jewelry Store $6,000
Jewelry stores typically procure gemstones from dealers. Typical mark-ups are 200-300% their procurement cost.
Customers $15,000 Purchasing with GemsNY can save customers 50-60% off of retail jewelry store prices.