GemsNY carries alexandrite earrings in all shapes. Choose one of the three options below to purchase your perfect earring.
Preset Alexandrite Earring
GemsNY hand picked combination of settings and alexandrites.
Make Your Own Alexandrite Earring
Select from our vast inventory of designer settings and beautiful alexandrites to create your personalized earring.
Custom Alexandrite Earring
Can't find the perfect earring or have a design in mind? Let GemsNY bearring your imagination to reality.

Alexandrite Earring Categories

Alexandrite Solitaire Earrings
Elegant timeless design appropriate for any occasion. Highlight your alexandrite unlike any setting.
Alexandrite Earrings With Sidestones
Add flavor to your Alexandrite earring by accenting it with sidestones.
Antique Earrings
GemsNY delivers the latest alexandrite antique earrings, a must have for your jewelry collection.

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