GemsNY carries emerald earrings in all shapes. Choose one of the three options below to purchase your perfect earring.
Preset Emerald Earring
GemsNY hand picked combination of settings and emeralds.
Make Your Own Emerald Earring
Select from our vast inventory of designer settings and beautiful emeralds to create your personalized earring.
Custom Emerald Earring
Can't find the perfect earring or have a design in mind? Let GemsNY bearring your imagination to reality.

Emerald Earring Categories

Emerald Solitaire Earrings
Elegant timeless design appropriate for any occasion. Highlight your emerald unlike any setting.
Emerald Earrings With Sidestones
Add flavor to your Emerald earring by accenting it with sidestones.
Antique Earrings
GemsNY delivers the latest emerald antique earrings, a must have for your jewelry collection.

Emerald earrings make a timeless gift for someone you care about -- or for yourself! GemsNY is the ideal place to buy natural emerald earrings in all the most popular styles, including drops, diamond halos, and just about every possible style of stud earrings you can imagine.

We offer a huge selection of preset emerald earrings, in which our expert jewelers have handpicked the best gemstones for each setting. Choose from solitaire, side stone, designer or dangling emerald earrings in gorgeous settings crafted from 14K or 18K yellow or white gold or platinum. You can refine your search by several criteria including price, emerald shape and other factors to find the perfect pair of emerald earrings for your taste and budget.

If you don't see exactly the right pair of genuine emerald earrings in our preset collection, you can also use the "Make Your Own Emerald Earrings" tool to match specific emeralds with your favorite setting. And if you have a precise idea in mind of how you'd like your emerald earrings to look, our Custom Jewelry option gives you a chance to work with our designers to bring your imagination to life.

All of our emeralds are genuine and certified -- we don't work with synthetic gemstones -- and every item of jewelry we sell comes with a free appraisal. For beautiful authentic emerald earrings at discounted prices, shop with GemsNY today.

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