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About Ruby Rings

About Ruby Rings

Ruby rings have been at the forefront of fashion for a long time. The July birthstone is ruby, which is widely recognized as one of the world's most valuable gems. Though rubies are noted for their brilliant red color, they can range from 'pigeon blood red' to orangish red to a very dark purplish red. A ruby ring is a symbol of profound love and devotion. Royals and nobility around the world have traditionally favored ruby rings.

Prominent Ruby Rings

Ruby rings have long been popular throughout human history. The Sunrise Ruby, a pigeon blood ruby, is the most valuable gemstone other than a diamond. It is thought to be one of the rarest gemstones on the planet. It is the world's most expensive ruby - or, to be more precise, the most expensive precious stone that isn't a diamond. The ruby, which weighed 25.59 carats and was mined in Myanmar, was set in a platinum ring with hexagonal diamonds.

How to Make Your Own Ruby Ring

Ruby rings come in a wide range of styles. To make your own ring, choose a ruby of the desired color and size. When designing the ring, you might want to think about the price of different rubies based on their grade and size. A ruby with an even and high color saturation will command more price per carat than an ordinary ruby gem. Further, as the size of the gemstone goes up, the price per carat goes up significantly, meaning larger rubies command a higher price per carat than smaller ones.

Styles of Ruby Rings

A solitaire ruby ring contains a single center stone that is placed in a metal band, which is usually gold or platinum. The two-stone ruby ring, on the other hand, features two center stones rather than one. Consider a three-stone ruby ring, which has a central stone flanked on either side by two diamonds, if you want more sparkle.

Some More Styles

Many people confuse a side stone ring with a three stone ring, but the two are not the same, despite the fact that side stones can be added to any ruby band. A side stone ruby ring contains a center stone with many gemstones or diamonds on the ring running along the length of the band.

Customize Your Ruby Ring

Our make your section provides you the leverage to choose every element of your ruby ring and make it a true reflection of your taste. There is a variety of ruby rings to choose from and customize on our website. Halo rings, astrological rings, celtic rings, vintage or antique inspired rings, and so on are a few types of ruby rings that you can select for your loved ones.

FAQ - Ruby Rings
A ring is made up of two parts: a metal band and a stone-holding head or gallery. These two components can be combined in a variety of ways to create a variety of ring types. You may customize each piece of your ring in our Make Your Own section.
Many consumers create their own designs and share them with us. Then, using the sketch provided, our design team creates a CAD design. The CAD design is very realistic, so you can get a good concept of how your personalized ruby ring will look.
Yes. Our ruby rings come with a 30 days no-questions-asked guarantee. Please read our terms here.
GemsNY is delighted to announce that not only rubies, but diamonds and other gemstones are sourced ethically, albeit the term "conflict-free" refers to diamonds in general.
The four Cs — color, clarity, cut, and carat weight – are used to assess rubies, just as they are for other color gemstones. GemsNY has its own emerald grading system, which spans from AAAAA to A, with the former being the highest.
Solitaire rings, two-stone rings, three-stone rings, side stone rings, halo rings, celtic rings, vintage inspired rings, designer rings, and bespoke rings are among the ruby rings available at GemsNY. White gold, yellow gold (18k & 14k), rose gold, and platinum are all available.