GemsNY carries sapphire rings in all shapes and colors such as blue, yellow, pink, purple and orange. Choose one of the three options below to purchase your perfect ring.
Preset Sapphire Ring
GemsNY hand picked combination of settings and sapphires.
Make Your Own Sapphire Ring
Select from our vast inventory of designer settings and beautiful sapphires to create your personalized ring.
Custom Sapphire Ring
Can't find the perfect ring or have a design in mind? Let GemsNY bring your imagination to reality.

Sapphire Ring Categories

Sapphire Engagement Rings
Surprise your fiancee with a ring she will cherish for the rest of her life. Select from our vast collection.
Sapphire Wedding Sets
See the perfect combination of rings and matching bands in our bridal collection.
Sapphire Solitaire Rings
Elegant timeless design appropriate for any occasion. Highlight your sapphire unlike any setting.
Sapphire Rings With Sidestones
Add flavor to your Sapphire ring by accenting it with sidestones.
Sapphire Three-Stone Rings
Treat yourself or your significant other with a perfect combination of three stones.
Sapphire Antique Rings
GemsNY delivers the latest sapphire antique rings, a must have for your jewelry collection.
Sapphire Mens Rings
GemsNY offers a wide selection of rings suitable for any man.
Sapphire Astrological Rings
Designed to touch your finger, these joytish/vedic rings offer both style and positive energy at affordable prices.

From simple elegance to stunning and elaborate settings, GemsNY's collection of sapphire rings for both women and men is sure to have a style you'll love. You can choose not only blue sapphire rings, but also yellow, white, or pink sapphires for the ring of your dreams.

GemsNY only uses genuine sapphires -- you won't find anything lab-created or synthetic in our vast collection of certified, authentic gemstones that we source from all over the globe. We offer both heated and unheated sapphires in all shapes, including round, oval, emerald and cushion cuts.

When it comes to the setting for your sapphire ring, we have a vast array of preset options, from engagement rings and wedding sets, to solitaires and three-stone rings, men's sapphire rings and more. And our "Make Your Own" sapphire ring option allows you to create a personalized ring by pairing the perfect sapphire and designer ring setting of your choice.

If you don't find what you're looking for in our preset sapphire ring styles or in the "Make Your Own" option, our talented jewelry design team can work with you to create a custom sapphire ring that brings your ideal style from imagination to reality.

All of our jewelry is handcrafted to order in New York's Diamond District, and each piece comes with a free appraisal. For the best selection of exquisite genuine sapphire rings at the best prices, choose GemsNY.

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