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Loose Natural Sapphire Gemstones

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    about sapphire

    About Sapphire

    Sapphire is one of the ‘big three’ gemstones when it comes to color gemstones. The sapphire stone is generally known for its deep blue color though it is available in a kaleidoscope of colors such as blue, yellow, pink, teal, white etc.

    The September Birthstone

    The September birthstone, Sapphire is associated with royalty, nobility, affluence and sophistication. One of the most famous sapphire jewelry is the princess Diana’s ring inherited by Prince Williams and presented to Catherine Middleton on their engagement. Princess Diana’s sapphire ring is one of most imitated pieces of jewelry in modern times.

    Hardness and Durability in Jewelry

    Sapphire is a very hard gemstone and as such an excellent choice for all kinds of jewelry. Apart from sapphire rings, sapphire pendants, sapphire earrings and sapphire bracelets are immensely popular particularly among the people who seek an alternative to diamonds and want to add a pop of color to their persona. However, you must take caution to ensure that the sapphires you are buying are real sapphires i.e. natural sapphires and not anything else that mimics the stone.

    On the 10 point Mohs Scale of hardness, Sapphire scores 9 making it a very strong gemstone only marginally behind diamond which scores a perfect 10. The high score simply means that if you wear sapphire in everyday jewelry it can withstand the rigors of daily life if subjected to sudden unsophisticated conditions.

    A Precious Gift from Nature

    Sapphires are formed millions of years ago deep inside the earth where extreme pressure and temperature exist. Every sapphire gemstone has a history and a long journey behind. Owning a sapphire means owning a piece of earth from the time long gone, owning a piece of evolution and owning a witness of evolution.

    The minerals which form a sapphire come from the depth of earth. Irrespective of color, sapphire is made from the mineral called corundum. The blue color of sapphire is due to the presence of titanium and iron in trace forms. Blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, white sapphire, teal sapphire all owe their colors to the presence of other elements in the base mineral.

    Centuries of extreme conditions have made sapphire almost impervious to normal atmospheric conditions and thereby making it non-reactive and inert. When you wear a sapphire in any jewelry, you can be sure that other than adding charm to your style, it’s not going to have any reaction even if it touches your skin as it generally does in astrological jewelry pieces.

    An Auspicious Gemstone

    Sapphire is considered auspicious for those born in the month of September and so it’s also called the ‘September Birthstone’. Buying loose sapphire is a good option especially if you are uncertain about the kind of jewelry you want to wear. It’s better to find your sapphire stone before it’s gone to someone else.

    FAQ - Sapphire

    Sapphires are formed by the forces of nature deep underground where the temperature and pressure exist in extreme. It takes millions of years of such an extreme environment to form sapphire from the mineral corundum.
    Sapphires are found in many places around the world viz. India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar etc.
    Hardness is one thing, besides many others, which differentiates sapphires from other gemstones. It is second only to diamond and scores a 9 out of 10 on the hardness scale.
    Yes. Sapphires come in a variety of colors such as blue, pink, green yellow, teal, white or transparent etc. There are some varieties that exhibit different colors under different light conditions.
    The value or the price of a sapphire is dependent on four Cs – color, clarity, cut and carat weight. You can learn more about these in our education section.
    Besides the quality which depends on 4Cs, the origin of a sapphire plays a key role in determining its value. Kashmir sapphires command the highest premium but they are hardly mined any longer and all Kashmir sapphires are now heirloom quality sapphires, making them collectibles.
    Yes. Most certainly you can opt for a sapphire engagement ring. In fact many celebrities and royalties have favored a sapphire engagement ring over other jewels.
    Sapphire symbolizes royalty, wealth, passion and much more. It is the birthstone for the September born and it’s a traditional gift for the 45th wedding anniversary.