Tanzanite Pendants Tanzanite Pendants

Tanzanite Pendants

Experience the scintillating combination of blue, purple and red in our natural tanzanite pendants. The amazing tanzanite is a representation of intuition, perception, and higher consciousness.

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The tanzanite you want for your sparkling pendant necklace is right here in our collection. Every cut and form brings out the distinctive brilliance of tanzanite in a unique way. To begin shopping, choose a shape that fascinates you.

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More About Our Tanzanite Pendants Necklaces

Tanzanite is a very rare gemstone which was discovered in the late ‘60s in Tanzania. It is the only country in the world where tanzanite is found. A necklace with a tanzanite pendant is a symbol of rarity and is an elegant way to accessorize any outfit. A tanzanite necklace carries the charm of its splendid gemstone quite well. GemsNY offers an incredible variety of tanzanite pendants and necklaces to suit every taste & style.

Besides our large selection of tanzanite pendants, we also offer pendants in other precious gemstones for all types of necklaces. We have preset tanzanite necklaces in a range of designer styles from solitaire to side-stone to three-stone. Our "Make Your Own Tanzanite Pendant" option allows you to choose the exact stone and setting you want. This feature also gives you the flexibility to choose the shape of the tanzanite, the metal and length of the chain, and the metal for the setting -- with options ranging from 14K white or yellow gold to 18K white or yellow gold to platinum.

You will definitely find exactly what you’re looking for in a tanzanite pendant or a tanzanite necklace. There is also an option of custom jewelry. Send us a sketch, tell us about your perfect tanzanite pendant, and our talented design team will bring your ideas to life. You can also consult our expert gemologists by booking a consultation. You can leave your worries behind and buy tanzanite pendants from GemsNY with confidence. See the most favored tanzanite pendants for sale and be inspired to have one for yourself or your loved one.

GemsNY only uses authentic, certified tanzanite and other gemstones sourced by our expert gemologists from around the world. Each piece of jewelry we sell is handcrafted here in the Diamond District of midtown Manhattan and comes with a free appraisal as well as a one-year warranty on the workmanship. Browse our selection of dazzling tanzanite pendants and order yours today! Keep following our deals wherein we put out magnificent tanzanite necklaces for sale.

FAQs About Tanzanite Pendant Necklaces

We have answered here the most common questions related to Tanzanite Pendant Necklaces

  • What are tanzanite necklaces?

    Tanzanite necklaces are a specific type of necklaces that feature the tanzanite gemstone as the main attraction typically as a pendant even though there might be diamonds or other gemstones.

  • What is the significance of tanzanite pendant necklaces?

    The tanzanite gemstone is thought to encourage serenity and intuition in the user. Additionally, it is said to boost vigor and purify the body. These advantages are yours if you wear tanzanite jewelry.

  • How do I choose the right tanzanite necklace?

    You must first determine your pendant size in order to select the appropriate tanzanite pendant. After that, you may decide on a style that suits your personality. Finally, choose the tanzanite stone you want, in the size and form you want, and match it with the metal you want your pendant to be made of.

  • Can I find tanzanite necklaces with pendants?

    Yes, you can find a wide variety of tanzanite pendants in a variety of metals and designs on our website. Pick your favorite to create a unique tanzanite pendant necklace.

  • Are there different styles of tanzanite necklaces available?

    Tanzanite pendants and necklaces are available in various styles such as solitaire, halo, designer, astrological and so on. All these options are available in a variety of metals.

  • Can I find tanzanite pendants sold separately?

    Yes, of course you can buy only the pendant and use any chain of your liking separately or you can gift only the pendant if you so wish.

  • What are the characteristics of tanzanite pendants?

    The tanzanite stone in a pendant will exude splendid violet blue color and it will also suit all kinds of metal. You will get documentary evidence to support the authenticity of real tanzanite featured in your ring.

  • How do I determine the quality of tanzanite necklaces?

    The quality can be determined by a certificate of authenticity. Along with our own certification, we also provide certifications from well-known labs like GIA and AGL. We also provide lifetime guarantees and trade-up options on all of our jewelry. These characteristics guarantee that the tanzanite necklaces you purchase from GemsNY are real.

  • Where can I find tanzanite necklaces for sale?

    At GemsNY, you may purchase tanzanite necklaces and other tanzanite jewelry for many occasions. Through numerous sales events where you can receive a discount of up to 25%, we continue to promote our gemstones and jewelry. To be informed about our offer, sign up for our emails. You may also keep checking our website for updates.

  • Are there matching sets of tanzanite necklaces and pendants?

    Yes, you can find matching jewelry sets to complement your tanzanite pendant necklace. From rings and earrings to bracelets and wedding sets, you can find them all on our website.

  • What is the average cost of tanzanite necklaces?

    Depending on the size and quality of the gemstone, tanzanite necklaces can cost anywhere from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. Real tanzanite necklaces may be found on our store for as little as $2000.

  • Can I have my tanzanite necklace or pendant certified?

    Yes, most of our gemstones are certified by reputed independent labs such as GIA, AGL etc. Also, GemsNY provides its own certificate of authenticity for all its gemstones and jewelry.

  • How do I care for my tanzanite necklace and pendant?

    You may sometimes wash your tanzanite pendant necklace with a warm water and mild soap solution. Brush gently, then rinse with fresh water before patting it dry. To prevent scratching, store it away from other jewelry. A reputable jeweler should occasionally be visited for cleaning and prong tightening.

  • Can I find tanzanite necklaces with different chain lengths?

    Yes, tanzanite necklaces are available with different chain lengths. First of all decide the length of your chain whether you want it close to your neck or longer. Then select the size of your pendant to pair with that chain. Visualize yourself wearing different styles of tanzanite pendants and based on how bold a statement you want to make, pick one for yourself.

  • Are there alternative gemstone options to tanzanite for necklaces?

    There are many alternatives available, the most versatile of all are sapphire and spinel since these gemstones come in a variety of colors. You can easily customize your pendant necklace by using our interface.

  • Can I find tanzanite pendant necklaces with unique designs?

    Yes, you can most certainly find tanzanite pendant necklaces with unique designs on our website. Designer pendants, halo pendants and astrological pendants are some of the styles in which you can get your uniquely designed pendant.

  • Can I find tanzanite necklaces with diamond accents?

    Yes, you can find a wide variety of tanzanite necklaces with diamond accents. Check out our three stone, side stone and designer pendants collection.

  • What are the different metal options available for tanzanite necklaces?

    Tanzanite necklaces can be created in a variety of metals such as 14k/18k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

  • Can I find vintage-inspired tanzanite necklaces?

    Vintage tanzanite necklaces are hard to come by since such jewels are heirlooms and command an exceptionally high price. However, you can get your own vintage inspired tanzanite pendant necklaces within your budget.

  • Are there ethical sourcing options for tanzanite necklaces?

    Yes, GemsNY deals only in the ethically sourced gemstones including tanzanites, so you need not worry about the humanitarian factors behind the mining of these gemstones.

  • Can I find tanzanite pendant necklaces in different sizes?

    Yes, you can find the tanzanite pendants in different sizes, which primarily depends on the size of the gemstone you choose. Besides, you can also set your pendant in chains of varying lengths.

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