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Tsavorite Earrings

Experience the spring-like refreshing and invigorating green of Mother Nature in our natural tsavorite earrings.

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The tsavorite you want for your dazzling earring is right here in our collection. Every cut and form brings out the distinctive brilliance of tsavorite in a unique way. To begin shopping, choose a shape that fascinates you.

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More About Our Tsavorite Earrings

Tsavorite studs earrings are one of the most effective jewelry pieces to capture the attention of everyone around and immerse yourself into the green beauty of nature. This sparkling gemstone is much less included and much more sparkling than its green cousin emerald. Due to relative affordability, tsavorite makes for an amazing choice, whether as a gift for your loved one or as a special treat for yourself. GemsNY has a superb collection of tsavorite earrings in various stud and dangling styles.

Since tsavorite is not an ordinary gemstone but a rare one, our collection of tsavorite earrings also feature unique items, such as the traditional tsavorite stud earrings. From hearts to emerald cuts and other shapes, you can find them all here. Choose from solitaire, side stone, or designer earring styles in settings made of 14K yellow or white gold, 18K yellow or white gold, or platinum.

We don't trade synthetic gemstones and only use natural tsavorite gemstones in our tsavorite earrings & studs. We offer gemstones and jewelry at affordable prices because our expert gemologists source them from the origin, thereby avoiding significant middleman cost. Fine jewelry, including tsavorite stud earrings, is what we offer which is created in New York City's Diamond District and includes a free appraisal. You can buy tsavorite earrings online from us with confidence.

Check out our deals wherein we put out tsavorite earrings for sale and many other jewelry items at huge discounts. Follow us on social media & watch out for special days when we offer studs for sale.

FAQs About Tsavorite Earrings

We have answered here the most common questions related to Tsavorite Earrings

  • What are tsavorite earrings?

    Earrings that feature tsavorite gemstone as the main attraction are tsavorite earrings. These earrings come in various styles such as studs, drop, dangle, chandelier etc.

  • What is the significance of tsavorite earrings?

    Tsavorite earrings hold remarkable significance. They are said to signify vitality, prosperity and benevolence due to their vibrant rich green color. Tsavorite is also said to help its wearer to discover the beauty within and in others.

  • Can I find tsavorite earrings in stud style?

    Yes, you can find an ample number of tsavorite stud earrings on our website. You can customize any setting you want.

  • Are there different styles of tsavorite earrings available?

    Yes, from simple solitaire stud earrings to diamond encrusted halo to designer earrings, tsavorite earrings are available in a plethora of styles on our website to suit every budget.

  • Can I find natural tsavorite earrings?

    Yes, GemsNY deals only in the natural colored gemstones. We don’t deal in any synthetic or lab-created gemstones other than lab-diamonds which we invariably certify. So, on our website you will find only natural tsavorite earrings.

  • How do I ensure I'm purchasing genuine tsavorite earrings?

    A certificate of authenticity is the best way to ensure this. We will provide you with a certificate of authenticity for the tsavorite in the earrings being natural. You are also free to get it certified by yourself in addition to the certificate provided by us.

  • What are the characteristics of natural tsavorite earrings?

    The tsavorite stones in the earrings will exude splendid green color and it will also suit all kinds of metal. You will get documentary evidence in support of the authenticity of real tsavorite featured in your earrings.

  • Can I customize my tsavorite earrings?

    Yes, you can easily customize your tsavorite earring by using our simple yet effective user interface. You can select the size of the gemstone, style of the earrings and the metal. To make it more personal, you can get them engraved with a message or initials etc.

  • How do I choose the right size for tsavorite earrings?

    Choosing the right size of tsavorite earrings primarily depends on your preference. If you like a snug feeling, then you can choose stud earrings but if you are fond of movement, then dangle or chandelier earrings are for you. Also consider the weight of the earrings, something you should be comfortable wearing, before buying any pair of tsavorite earrings.

  • Where can I find reputable sellers of tsavorite earrings?

    GemsNY is one of the most reputed jewelers of the USA. Thousands of customer reviews across all platforms such as Google, Yelp etc. testify to the fact. You can buy your tsavorite earrings and other jewelry with confidence from us.

  • Can I find tsavorite earrings in unique designs?

    Yes, you can find many unique designs for your tsavorite earrings on our website. From designer pairs to contemporary styles, you’ll find them all here. In case you want something of your own creation, opt for our custom jewelry option and we’ll bring it to life for you.

  • Are there alternative metal options for tsavorite earrings?

    Yes, tsavorite pairs well with all types of metals. You can get your tsavorite earrings in classic gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

  • What is the average cost of tsavorite earrings?

    The price of a pair of tsavorite earrings can vary between a few thousand dollars and several thousand dollars depending upon the quality and size of the gemstone. On our website you’ll find real tsavorite earrings for as low as $2000.

  • Can I have my tsavorite earrings certified?

    Yes, you can get your tsavorite earrings certified. GemsNY provides its own certificate of authenticity for all its gemstones and jewelry. Most of our gemstones are certified by reputed independent labs such as GIA, AGL etc.

  • How do I care for my tsavorite earrings?

    Caring for your tsavorite earrings is easy. Periodically clean your tsavorite earring with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Gently brush, rinse and then pat dry. Store it separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching. Occasionally take to a reputed jeweler for cleaning and prong tightening.

  • Can I find tsavorite earrings in hoop style?

    Yes, you can get tsavorite earrings in hoop style though GemsNY doesn’t have this style featured in its versatile collection. You can use the custom jewelry option on our website to get a pair of tsavorite hoop earrings.

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