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Emerald Rings

Sophisticated collection of natural emerald rings for women and men for your unique style statement

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Two Easy Ways to Shop an Emerald Ring

Buy emerald rings online with ease. Select either of the two options below to get to many real emerald rings.

Make Your Own Emerald Ring

Choose your emerald, its shape & size. Pair it with your preferred metal & design setting to get your unique natural emerald gemstone ring.

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Preset Emerald Rings Collection

Choose your beautiful natural emerald stone ring from a number of combinations of emerald and settings

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Shop by Metal

Our metals are the perfect blend of strength and allure. Choose a guardian metal you want for the protection of your gemstone.

Shop Ready to Ship Emerald Jewelry

Is that special moment approaching soon? Skip the wait and shop from our selection of ready to ship emerald jewelry.

More About Our Emerald Rings

Beautiful emerald rings are the kind of jewelry that never goes out of fashion, and GemsNY offers many different styles of natural emerald rings at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for the eponymous emerald cut, a modern three-stone setting, or a men's emerald ring, you're sure to find what you're looking for in GemsNY's huge selection.

We offer a large collection of preset emerald rings that you can search by price, gemstone shape, setting, center stone carat weight, and other criteria to find the exact ring you've been searching for. You can also use our "Make Your Own Emerald Ring" tool if you'd like to select your own ideal stone and setting for your emerald ring. And with our Custom Jewelry service, you can even have a custom emerald ring created based on your own original design.

The scintillating designs of our emerald rings are also due to the fact that emeralds we use are certified and ethically sourced from around the world by our expert gemologists. That allows us to craft high quality jewelry using some of the most vibrant emeralds in the world. In our collection you’ll find Colombian emerald rings as well as Zambian emerald rings, which set the benchmark for quality.

Our emerald rings and other fine jewelry are handcrafted in the Diamond District of midtown Manhattan. We use natural emeralds only, never synthetic or lab-created gemstones and every piece of jewelry we sell comes with a free appraisal. Browse our vast selection of emerald rings and find your favorite today!

FAQs About Emerald Rings

We have answered here the most common questions related to Emerald Rings

  • What is an emerald ring?

    A ring featuring an emerald gemstone as the main attraction is an emerald ring. Emeralds are the precious gemstones from the beryl mineral group.

  • What are the different types of emerald rings available?

    Emerald rings are available in many styles such as solitaire, two stone, three stone, celtic, vintage inspired, designer and many more.

  • What is special about an emerald cut emerald ring?

    Emerald is the only stone on which a cut is named after: the emerald cut. An emerald cut emerald ring features a large table i.e. the top view of the ring shows a rectangular shape of the center stone making it appear larger than it actually is, thereby augmenting its beauty.

  • Are the emeralds used in these rings natural or lab-created?

    At GemsNY, you will find only natural emeralds in the rings. We don’t use lab-created emeralds or any other color stone except diamonds about which full disclosure is made.

  • How can I determine if an emerald ring is made with a real emerald?

    We will provide you with a certificate of authenticity for the emerald in the ring being natural. You are also free to get it certified by yourself in addition to the certificate provided by us.

  • Are there any ongoing sales or promotions for emerald rings?

    We periodically run sale events which are announced well in advance. If you want to get in the loop, consider subscribing to our newsletter.

  • What factors should I consider when purchasing an emerald ring?

    Consider the 4Cs – color, cut, clarity & carat weight but don’t forget to see your budget. Next is the metal you want the ring to be made up of and then comes the style of the ring.

  • Are there different shades of emeralds available for rings?

    Yes. The green color of emeralds ranges from pure green to bluish green which varies in saturation level. So you can find various shades of emeralds.

  • Can I customize an emerald ring with a specific design or setting?

    Yes, of course. You can customize your emerald ring in a specific design or with a specific setting and in the metal of choice.

  • Are emerald rings suitable for everyday wear?

    Yes. Emeralds are pretty hard gemstones with a hardness score of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. They are quite resilient to everyday demands, though you should take your ring off while working out or performing any such activity.

  • Are emerald rings considered a good investment?

    Yes. Rings featuring natural emeralds are a good investment because natural gemstones appreciate in value over time. Besides, the metal also goes up in terms of value.

  • Can I find emerald rings with additional gemstone accents?

    Yes you can certainly find emerald rings with additional gemstone accents. Mostly diamonds are used as accent stones but you can also see white sapphire or yellow sapphire accenting the main stone.

  • Are there any specific occasions or events where emerald rings are commonly worn?

    Emeralds are the birthstone for the month of May and official anniversary stones for the 55th year of marriage. Besides these occasions, you will find emerald rings suitable for almost every occasion whether it is engagement, wedding, or any social event.

  • How do I care for and maintain the beauty of an emerald ring?

    Most of the emeralds undergo some sort of treatment to fill the naturally occurring fissures/fractures in the stones, Therefore, it is not advised to clean it yourself except with a solution of mild warm soapy water. It is best to take your emerald ring to a profession for cleaning & maintenance periodically.

  • How much does an emerald ring cost?

    You can find an emerald ring for as low as $1000 and go as high as you want for instance 25,000 or higher. It depends on the size and quality of the emerald gemstone among other things. You can certainly find an emerald ring within your budget at GemsNY.

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